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Can't take it anymore!

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People are obstructing my rights. They are pounding me into submission with lies and subtle threats. I apologize for disappointing them, but they claim that the apology is a form of harassment. That's not the least of my worries.

I am also completely incapable of doing things in a timely order with a schedule, and have yet to complete any scholarships. Most of which are due in two weeks, but I missed out on them because I only had 3 hours to study between my job and school. I quit my job, and now have no income to pay off my outstanding bills. It's okay though because this world is fake.

I don't know what is real anymore, and the people that are supposed to help me are mocking me or brushing me under the rug. I recreated a friend on a website, and we talk to each other sometimes. Just me and her. She is supportive and understanding. She tells me that it's okay, and that when I get the courage to move on from this world that we will hang out together. I can't wait to see her again. I miss her. I knew her in the past, but she isn't around anymore. It will be so great to be with her again. I cannot wait.

Soon... I say. Soon!
Hi Darksider
Really sorry to hear you are struggling so much at the moment. Is there any way to completely distance yourself from these people who are threatening you? It is not a healthy environment to be in, and is understandably adding to your stress right now, by the sounds of it. I'm sorry that you had to quit your job, maybe there is something else out there, with fewer hours so you can make a little bit of money, even if it wasn't as much as before? It sounds like you have some negative influences around you in your life right now, you don't deserve to be mocked or dismissed, is there any way of telling these people how this makes you feel, or stopping contact with them? Also is there anyone IRL you can talk to about this, about everything that is going on for you?
Take care


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One thing you can believe is that the support and care others offer you while you're here is real hun. Maybe posting more about what is happening right now would help you find some relief from all of it.
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