cant take much more

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    Theres so much going on i made 1 mistake from some wrong information an now im looking at prison loosing my job my house and my 4yr old daughter im going to have nothing left even when i get out chances of me seen my little girl are slim to none chances of getting a job probably about the same and will have to move away so no fam no friends il have literaly nothing i also have anxiety and all the stress is just making me feel constantly ill and iv been thinking would it make a diff if i wernt here i have nothing now and even less when i get out i dont think i can take much more i cant sleep i dont eat much i dont go out realy i just dont know what to do anymore
  2. total eclipse

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    Your daughter will grow and will be able to see you on her terms then you will still be very much a part of her life hun I hope you have good representation hun If you have had no other criminal records perhaps you will get probation time only I hope all goes well for you
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    She cant make the choice till she is 16 and shes only 4 now thats 12 yr away and with her been so young by then il just be another stranger she passes in the streetatleast if i do go through with it shel know where i am she can look at th stars and say thats my daddy instead of thinking i dont care n just run away or get bullied for it when she starts school
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    I cant take much more i think it would be best to just get it over with
  5. total eclipse

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    Hun she will always have a hole in her heart she will always wonder and wish that you loved her enough to stay You can get through t his hun for her and you Just get good representation She will always wonder and by staying you will show her that you wanted to be a part of her life
  6. letmego3

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    take it one day at a time. your situation might improve and it may not be as bad as you think it is. you made a mistake. your only human you should not die over it. you daughter will get over your mistake but might not get over your suicide.
  7. danny1986

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    Shes the only thing thats stopping me right now but gotsocial comeing on wed and if they say i cant see her im not sure what im goin to do
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    I'm not good at giving advice, but I hope that things do work out. I mean, I know things for you are not good right now, but I hope there are some options that open up that will make things better for you and your daughter. It's hypocritical for me to say this, but please hang in there a little bit longer.
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    My mom did the same thing and gave up. Now I live with that every day. WHY????????? That's what I live with and the hole in my heart. I'm so lost. Friday made one year that I found her and the image of what I saw haunts me today.

    I have 3 kids myself. They are the reason I stay alive today. I don't want them to have to live with what I do. They were very close to their grandmother.

    I ask for your prayers.
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    I dont think i can do this much longer i nealy went in canal tonight i was there for 2hrs jus sat there by myself but i ended up not doing its just getting worse and i feel that its only gonna get worse
  11. Damask

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    You don't know for certain whether or not it will get worse, so stop thinking that it will.

    And if it does get worse, how do you know it's still not fixable? How do you know things will never be set right?

    As a parent, it is your responsibility to hang in there for your child. When you make the choice to have children, you make the choice to put yourself second and them first.

    As a parent, you are obligated to stay alive for your child. You can't give up on her.
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    Think its time to go but thanx for the advice