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Last time I wrote on here I failed. I fail everything. I want to die. Noone likes me or understands me. My best mate turned on me cause she thinks I am meeting her ex when I am not. I have tried to tell her but she don't believe me. She called me a slag and everything. Maybe she'll believe me when I am gone. Noone will find me in time again... I am going. I can't go on anymore. I have known her since I were a baby as mum was friends with her mum. However she hates me... Well this is the end. I can't continue anymore. Sorry and thanks for being there. Bye..


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Well if a friend cannot trust you at that level she has issues - not usual for people to fly off the handle over sexual jealousy and to create scenarios in their minds which likely include the entire town having an affair!

She might see the funny side of it one day - I mean - I got friends I know since a child - and a few 'awkward' moments over the years as the inevitable green eyed demon of jealousy raises its ugly head!

So do not worry there. Being called a slag - sounds like high school drama really - not to denigrate young people's feelings - but you get a lot of girls who basically single out ANY girl - often the most beautiful one will 'get it' - but girls can be vicious with the old verbal ammunition.

I'm not sure what you wrote last time you was here or why you think you have failed.

As for killing yourself - your really not in a state of mind to make that judgement call. Ideally - wait for a 'good' day or a moment you feel as well as you can can feel in the circumstances.

sorry to see you so upset and its a shame your friend really had a tantrum - but don't let other people's misguided views shape how you feel.

It is VERY common for freinds to fall out over these things - and people sure do have active imaginations when obsessed by someone. This girl sounds a wee but obsessed with this chap - and maybe he is playing way - but her intuition is - actually a myth. I know lots of women who were clueless about infidelity - and all over the place in accusations.

Was she drunk I wonder?

Nothing like a bit of jealousy and a bottle of wine to up the ante.

Let her calm down - state your case via email - don't get caught up in silly arguments. If she is so thick she persists in her disbeliefs - well - lots of people are like that - best to avoid them otherwise you end up as some counselling service.

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