cant take this

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  1. forever_scarred

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    im so stupid to believe that this could really happen. that id found someone who really cared. Ben couldn't wait to talk to me again but its been 2 days without any kind of contact not even a message. I let my heart move too quick, I wanted this so badly. but i was wrong always was.

    On top of that I found out that I flunked my group project for one of my college classes. I already had a D in that class. what a waste of $1000, total fucking waste. *bangs head on wall*

    Im so unhappy, my heart broken then shattered to pieces :(
  2. minion

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    Relationships are never really easy. It's hard to give your heart away to someone who you really don't have any clue what they'll do to it. It's hard when they cut off all communication leaving you in the dark as to what went wrong...

    Sorry to hear about your class.....
  3. *sparkle*

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    hey hun :hug: are you feeling any better today? have you heard from him at all? i hope things are a little easier :arms: