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Can't tell whether abdominal pain is enough to go hospital


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I've had what the pain doc calls "reflection" from my back injury into my abdomen and hip but I also have a history of diverticular pain, so I don't know which is which.

I made an appointment for tomorrow with GP, but I really don't know if I should wait.

I am very tired of physical issues.


Vanity of Vanities
My gf and my grandma has diverticulitis so they cant eat anything with seeds or even corn otherwise they have bad stomach pains. As far as the back injury goes my grandpa had screws put into his his back and had alot of gas pain around the other side from the back pain so I feel you there too. I hope you get this straightened out and feel better.

What I did for them was get them Gas-X and Pepto bismal pills. As far as my grandpa went they had to pump his stomach of all the gas.
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I hope you feel better soon. Let us know how it goes, ok? Take good care of yourself.


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I hope your appt goes ok, and that you can get a better idea what’s going on, Ang!

I’ve never had back issues, but I do have diverticulosis. I get the most ridiculously extreme gas pains sometimes. It’s the only pain I’ve ever experienced that leaves me severely sweating, and leaves me feeling like I’m gonna pass out. So these are well beyond regular, severe pains.

I found a way to resolve the pain when it strikes. The ONLY way I can resolve it is to lay totally flat on my back (can’t cross my legs or it makes it worse).

As I lay totally flat I “have” to practice some mindfulness, and I focus on relaxing my stomach area and take long, slow deep breaths. I do this for about a half hour. By then the pain has mostly subsided if it hasn’t completely subsided. This has worked 100% of the time, and I’ve never had to pop a gas med to “help”. I don’t even have to become gassy for it to help. In fact, I rarely do.

I would strongly recommend this for anyone who gets the extreme pain from diverticulosis.



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Sorry I forgot to follow this up. It seems I have a urinary tract infection with acidic urine. Doc prescribed xithromax (sp?) and cranberry pills. That seems to have started working already. Thanks everyone for your help!

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