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  1. Just something I came up with. Many of you can relate to this so I just put it up. Felt like it. No replies needed.

    I feel my sanity slippin away.
    I want to live but I can't stand another day.
    When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
    But I don't know wtf I should be doing.
    Calling for help in a distant voice
    Hoping that I won't have to take that choice.
    Because deep down I don't want to die
    Deep down I hear myself cry.
    To be honest I'm scared to death of dying
    There really is no more use in lieing.
    I force myself to appear oh-so-strong
    But that fake image won't hold up for long.
    I want to start fresh in a different life
    Free from pains and other strife.
    Wistful wishing while gazing at the sky
    Waiting for time to pass me by.
    Dreading the day as it draws near
    Trying to drown all my fear.
  2. Flight

    Flight Well-Known Member


    Lord, I can relate to that right there.

    Whenever I see a good poem with an AABB rhyme scheme, it reminds me of a song. When you read it in your head is it set to music, or am I alone in my melodic insanity?
  3. Robin

    Robin Guest

    Hey, that was a great poem and I'm sure many here can relate to it unfortunately. Am here if you want to chat anytime :hug:
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