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    I can't help but laugh every time my father says something like "I can't wait t'ill you're 18 so you can move out" or when someone says "Studying for the exams this year will be tough". I find it hilarious considering I'm probably not going to be alive by the end of the year anyway. It sounds twisted but my love for dark humor surfaces when I remember all the things I won't have to deal with because I'm like "Lol oh yeah, I'm gonna die". This is if I don't survive by the end of this year, unless by some miracle I find something worth living for and have the strength to continue on. Until then, these little cynical jokes can be considered the small humor that comes with suicide.
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    Sparky, I do hope you can find something to live for. I hope we each can. But right now, I am sorry life is so hard and painful for you. I wish there was a safe and healthy way to ease the pain.
  3. Sparky777

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    I used to hope I could too. But at this point I'm too tired to hope anymore and all I want to do is die and get this over with.