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cant wait

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just dont care

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I just cant wait i have been cutting more and more to stop the excitement. i told myself that i was gonna kill myself on friday but i really wanna do it now. its so tempting but i keep cutting to calm me down i dont wanna live anymore and i am pretty sure i can do it this time and i am excited that its all gona be over soon.


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Hey JDC,
Do you feel able to tell us a bit about what's got you to the point of feeling like you need to do this? Please, please reconsider. The fact that you're trying to calm yourself down a litle bit and what you say suggests to me that there is still that little bit of doubt in there about what you're thinking of doing. And I don't mean that to in the slightest bit negate the pain that you're in at the moment or what you're feeling, not at all, I understand that to have reached this place you must be in a lot of pain and despair. Which bits of life is it that you want to be 'over'? Talk to us, talk things through with us, I know there is never an 'easy' solution to hurt and despair, but let us sit alongside you and try to help you through this time and support you rather than feeling like this is the only way of easing the pain that you're in. Please try to take care of you.
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