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  1. kindtosnails

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    i want to 'let it all out' but can't. i'm scared. Scared it won't make a difference. Scared no one would care anyway, why would they? i'm so fucking exhausted no good to anyone how do i expect anyone to give a shit when i have nowt to give back. i want real help but seems that's impossible, too now. No point writing more no point trying. Every time i start a sentence with 'I', just hate myself more and more.
  2. ~Nobody~

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    I care, muchly :hug:.

    Talk about it, what's up?

    x x x
  3. Jenny

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    I don't expect anything back in return for me caring.. so you don't have to give anything back to me.. and i do mean that. I can empathise with the self hatred, the hopelessness and the feelings of fear.. but please don't be alone with this. Even if you don't feel able to 'let it all out' right now, we can still support you through this. There's no need to hate yourself for saying 'I'.. you're going through enough pain right now without needing to add more self hatred to the list.

    We're here if and when you want to talk