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  1. They represent a large segment of the US population. The vast majority of capitalist christians are creationists. They view humans as totally distinct from other animals. Even tho, biologically-speaking, we are almost identical to chimpanzees, and share an almost identical genetic inheritance. It's not like humans are some kind of metallic robots. Logically-speaking, we are animals. It's not because we've became 'civilized', that suddenly we become something else. Scientists agree with all of this.

    Capitalist Christians never question civilization, cuz without civilization, they're only animals (eww animals). Religion cannot exist without civilization. Civilization is an unnatural state that is poisoning everything. Civilization is the biggest and most dangerous disease planete earth is suffering from. All this goes beyond environmentalism.

    Capitalist Christians view themselves as 'holier', than their fellow cousins, to whom they are therefore 'traitors' - all the other species on earth, with whom we share the same origin. Keep in mind, that because christians are 'absorbed in a delusion' they do not even realize this, or they deny it, even if it so obvious. I also think it's immodest in a way to think of yourself as superior to a monkey. Look at all the side-effects from this disease called civilization. Wars, mass extinction, pollution. Suicide is also something that doesn't exist in nature.

    There is so much other stuff to say, but I'm always having trouble organizing my thoughts, here, and I prefer writing impulsively. I'm also always diverging from my main point, so I'll try to stay on the topic and keep it concise.

    There is a way, by the way, to make Christians crack. The recipe/formula is simple, you put all the evidence together, well, there's more to that. But there most be a way to help these poor people, a way to pull them out of their delusion. Also, don't tell me 'I'm an atheist, but I let people choose what they want to believe'.

    Alright, I'm not bringing anything new here. I don't understand why people, while they seem aware of these fundamental facts, it doesn't impact their thinking, as it should? Maybe it's a discipline. Maybe people have been modernized and stupidized.

    Let me go back to capitalist christians. These people are obviously selfish, in all ways possible. Some people that come to mind, first. Hasselback from The View with her breast augmentation. That's so selfish and superficial. Or those televengalists like Joel Osteen that drive luxurious cars. There's so many of them. Some of them, like Peter Popoff are obviously not Christians, but only expoiting people.

    I am trying to make a psychological portrait of these people. Cuz I hate them so much. They're materalist and individualist. Greedy. Often sexual perverts and hypocrits. And they rationalize it all.

    I dunno the correct translation of the Bible, and if it is fundamentally good or bad. But I know what is good: logic and unselfishness. By the way, these people cheer when people get executed, another sign of non-compassion. They believe in social darwinism, where the unlucky, must die. They threat humans like garbage in this way. They must prospere. I said they were materalists, and they care more about their couches than starving children.

    You know where this is going. They're dressed impecably, and they're so selfish in all ways possible. See, they adjut christianity to fit they're selfishness, for lack of a better word, I wanna remain polite, so this thread gets approved.

    I wanna rectify one point, I don't hate all Christians. There are real, sincere Christians, that are good at heart. Who live selfless lives. They are nonetheless deluded.

    I am not an atheist, by the way, I could make a longer thread critizing atheists. I am an anti-theist.
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    ACRon Well-Known Member

    yeah, religion needs a protaganist. so few can be bothered to do it, but i say good luck to you on your conquest, may it be more succesful than each of your previous attempts. May your wildest dreams come true. I can't see it happening though, but if it does do me a favour and keep it to yourself.
  3. I'm not following you Sketches, but by the last words of your reply, I see you're angry with me?

  4. Whitewolf

    Whitewolf Well-Known Member

    I resent both concepts, but not the people who follow such concepts. I merely believe the people who follow such doctrines are mis-guided and mis-lead by their leaders and governments.

    Still, i do not believe you were being sincere when you said you did not hate all Christians. It seems painfully obvious that the purpose of this thread was to offend all those Christians who would read it. It's clear to me when you say things like "There is a way, by the way, to make Christians crack. "
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  5. No, actually I am reconsidering Christianity. I have a good socialist and catholic friend that has showed me Liberation Theology. Let me give you some background. I was a REAL Christian, not so long ago. What made me doubt religion was other believers. When I left Christianity, I started viewing religion as some form of delusion. And now I'm questioning all of this. I cannot say I will become Christian, again, cuz I'm very close to nature, in a way, and I still do feel that civilization is not necessarily good.


    I hate how people are cold and distant, and disrespectful in capitalist societies. Everyone at his thing. Stress and madness. Ambition, competition, pressure. No solidarity. Exploitation. All this for economic growth. Capitalism destroys everythiing. Maybe people weren't as rich, before, but they lead good lives in some parts of the world. They had a better sense of community. I admire some arabic societies. But, even they, are getting westernized.

    You get the picture, is it necessary I continue. Drugs and prostitution are also a capitalist problem. PORN too. No more shame... Look at people, today... It's a disaster...


    Amen, Praise The Lord, Jesus Christ!
  6. RCC

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    You're bang on, unfortunately suicide_ideation hates Christians.
  7. ACRon

    ACRon Well-Known Member

    Morning SI, how are you? are you pro-life by any chance? by my reckoning you would of understood that, and the reasons why i said it.
  8. smackh2o

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    You shouldnt hate people for their beliefs you should hate their beliefs alone. I don't hate Muslims but certain doctrines practised by some Muslims I just cannot stand one little bit. Therefore I hate the doctrine not the person, UNLESS an individual acts upon them where I can't agree with them doing it such as divorcing their wife and leaving them with nothing, not even the power to live a safe life. In that case i'de hate the person for being such a wretch.

    It all goes back to that witty comment.
    "Eat your dinner, their are starving children in Africa"
    "Oh yes? Name one"
  9. I cannot ever respect capitalist Christians. I know everything already, because I'm so intelligent, and I've made a conscious decision to remain hateful towards these devil-possessed people. 'Don't judge', anyone that says that is an hypocrit and a pervert. Cuz they're judging you, right there. They say don't judge, when they don't agree.

    I only have hatred and contempt towards capitalist, but when they're also Christian, it's twice as disgusting.

    I don't wanna change.
  10. All I'm trying to do here, with this thread, is express my hatred and disgust for these people. I'd like people to understand my rage, and these people psychology. I guess, most of you are aware of what I'm talking about.

    I can give you an example. These people lead happy lives, and they don't really care about the suffering of others. They only believe in God, for the comfort it brings them, Jesus is basically a little busboy that they carry with them. They don't sacrifice their lives. Christianity should be a tough discipline. I already said capitalism and social darwinism are synynomous, and that's ironic, cuz these people reject Darwin's theory of evolution, which for me is an important scientific. They reject or deny this natural process. Well, I'll repeat it, I dunno if they're hypocrits here, cuz quite frankly, I do think the Bible supports creation. And remember because of this and other aspects of which I'm not sure of, I cannot say that the Bible is fundamentally good, but I always have assumed it was. Anyways...

    Yeah, most capitalist christians are like Hasselback and Osteen. They're so selfish, it angers me so much, these 2 are so disgusting. I'd like to describe them for you, but I can't, I'm too innarticulate. They're happy, while others are not, and that's capitalism. Capitalism is survival of the fittest, it is uncompationnate. The claim we're selfish by nature, we're perverts by nature too, oh no, wait they deny we're animals, yeah ok. Whatever.... Anyways this is nuts.

    Real Christians to me are Mother Teresa-like. Not Osteen driving a ferrari around and being disconnected from people's suffering, it's easy for him to go and preach, when he's all happy.

    God, can you people at least just understand my legitimate anger here, is anyone disgusted with me, here.

    Man, I hate them, I'll always hate them, they're the devil, don't tell me not to judge or hate, or any of crap, I'm way too intelligent to have to listen to that sh!t.

    Amen, praise Jesus.
  11. ACRon

    ACRon Well-Known Member

    you used to be a christian, and you left because you didn't like their values. there are plenty of people like that in the world. Im sorry if im part of the greedy capitalists that you talk so passionately about. its just i accept everything about myself as and when it happens, i dont just sweep it under the rug and pretend its not there because its wrong. i used to pull everything out of thin air because it was a way of escaping my problems. its not a difficult thing to do and it helps in a lot of instances, but its not the be all and end all. for example, you don't wanna walk into work on a monday morning with your feelings on show, so you step out of yourself and shield yourself with cards. the ace of spades, the joker, whatever. Just give yourself a break frm time to time and be man enough to accept you got duped and you can't change it. but im ranting and gone way off topic. Im gonna go get some hugs cuz these cold natured threads aren't healthy for me at the moment
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  12. Whitewolf

    Whitewolf Well-Known Member

    Did you not just state, in an earlier post that you do not hate christians, then babbled on about Liberation Theology, which by the way is about as far from traditional Christianity as one can get without seperating into a new religon.

    To claim that you "know everything already" is a bit pompous don't you think? :rolleyes: If you continue to hold this view, you will never learn anything. Since you claim to know everything.
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  13. I said I hate Capitalist Christians, not Christians.

    Secondly, how is Liberation Theology incompatible with Christianity. You're obviously a capitalist.

    I guess then that the prosperity gospel is closer to Christianity. And Selfishness... Could be true, thought I doubt it, and if it is true, then the Bible is fundamentally evil.

    Either way you lose, I know you're a capitalist. And I'll continue to hate.
  14. by the way I have never conceded and said 'ok capitalism wins, thats the christian way', I still believe christianity is fundamentally good, I think.

    But tell me how is liberation theology incompatible with christianity.

    I will always hate capitalism, don't bother telling me not to judge, or hate, or any of that crap. I know everything already. no need to give me advices. its absurd. u can only worship what im saying, and bow down. no need to tell me anything. if ur in disagreement with anything i say, in my mind its cuz u have a problem.
  15. ACRon

    ACRon Well-Known Member

    I just checked wiki, thought i'd share the writers perceptions as i found it quite accurate to how i see it, people who agree with capitalism, and people who dont.....

    People who disagree

    Socialists, anarchists and communists are people who do not support capitalism. They say it hurts workers, because businesses make more money by selling things than they pay to the workers who make the things and, therefore, businessmen become rich while workers remain poor.

    Karl Marx was a famous communist philosopher from Germany. He wrote a famous book called The Capital (or Das Kapital in the German language). He said that capitalism would go away after workers decided to take over the government in a revolution. There were violent communist revolutions in many countries, and many people were killed because of this. But capitalism did not go away, and most of these Communist systems have collapsed and do not exist today, or else they have become more capitalist. Some people think that communism in those countries didn`t work because Marx's ideas, though nice in thought, didn't really work. Others think that communist countries collapsed because of the attacks (military, political and economic) from capitalist countries.

    Anarchists do not support capitalism either. They don't think workers should take the government, but that there should be no government at all. They think that communism failed because the communists set up dictatorships that said that they would rule in the name of workers, instead of letting workers organize themselves freely.

    People who agree

    There are different words for people who support capitalism. In many parts of the world, these people are called liberals. But in the United States, the word "liberal" means someone whose beliefs lean toward socialism. People who support capitalism strongly (in the U.S. and a few other countries) are called libertarians. People who call themselves conservatives often support capitalism too.

    People who support capitalism also have disagreements. Most people agree that capitalism can only work if the government keeps people from stealing other people's things. If people could steal anything, then nobody would want to buy things.

    In most countries, the government does more than that. It tries to make sure that people buy and sell fairly, and that businesses do not hurt workers. Because the government takes a lot of money in taxes, it also buys a lot of things and gives a lot of money away. It spends money on guns and ships for the military; on science research in universities; and on schools and libraries. It also gives money to people who do not have jobs, and to businesses that the political leaders think are important. Sometimes government gives money to people just because those people support the politicians who are in office. When the government is in charge of part of the economy, this is called a "mixed economy". It is only partly capitalism.

    A few people think that people can protect themselves without any government. Instead of having laws against stealing, people could protect their own things, or agree with other people to protect each other from thieves. This belief is called "anarcho-capitalism". It is not very common. People who think this, often think that the government is a thief, because it takes taxes away from everyone.
  16. ACRon

    ACRon Well-Known Member

    linking politics with religion here;

    the key word in that dialogue regarding this was libertarianism. As far as my knowledge permits, thata a viewpoint held in general by a large portion of the Jewish community, ie, not altogether christian.
  17. Thanks Sketches, you have resumed the idealogies quite well and in a few paragraphs. Gives us a good basic idea.
  18. smackh2o

    smackh2o SF Supporter

    You hate capitalist christians like Hitler hated Marxism. To be blunt I hope to heaven you don't influence anybody to your selfish hatred. It's people like you who destroy and segragate others because you think that because some people who support a belief do bad things that everyone in that grouping is bad. But I doubt you'll learn any lesson, you're to bitter for that.
  19. Now wait a minute, I've re-read Sketches what you wrote, those 2 resumes, and they're totally BIASED, what the hell? Are you kidding me or what? That was obviously written by a capitalist, hahahaha. Are you for real? Get out of here. This is hilarious, man.
  20. H2os, I understand your greed and selfishness, don't you get it. When you look at me and read my words, you see your true reflection, cuz I'm perfect, good and intelligent, and I understand this friction. You know where you stand when you look at me.

    You can change, of course you can, through Jesus, let go of the hate, arrogance and selfishness.

    Praise God
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