Capitalist vs. Socialist Christians

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  1. I see 2 faces of Christianity. I dunno which one comes closer to true Christianity. Or is Christianity open to interpration? :blink:

    Capitalists seem to have hijacked Christianity. They need it to make themselves feel important and holy. And since they can buy everything but the afterlife.

    Socialists on the other hand are not religious usually.

    Christianity puts humans on top of nature. And hence civilization is a perfectly normal thing. I am a primitivist, and I oppose civilization, btw. So humans are holy, and they need to advance and innovate, and act holy and be ambitious and live and be idealogists, and look at the bigger picture, and etc.

    They care more about their little couches and their little life than anything else.

    Ambitious to the max, self-centered, selfish, proud and greedy.

    They're usually bullies, and they consider some humans parasites.

    What bugs me is that people assume that Christianity must be good fundamentally, but that most christians are not real christians. Now I question this assumption. Christianity seems to point more at capitalism than at socialism. Christianity wants us to 'prospere'.

    Sure the Bible is against greed and pride, etc. I think, at least Catholic theology. But what does that mean. Christians have eliminated these words from their dictionary. Greed is synonym to success and advacenment to these people.

    Since I totally oppose all this. I have converted from Christianity to Primitivism and Communism.

    All those Christians with good lives that come on TV nicely dress, looking proud and greedy, it's so easy for them to talk, they're completely deconnected.

    Mother Teresa sacrificed her life, she was so modest, she didn't care about herself, she lived for others, her heart was right.

    Most socialists seem more compassionate and generous. And most are non-religious.

    Capitalists have zero compassion, they're all holy remember, they support the death penalty, etc. And they're usually Christians.


    Fuk Christianity, Objectivism, Libertarianism Capitalism Profit Business etc. etc.
  2. Freddy

    Freddy Guest

    There are Christian socialist though. I think they were a bigger movement in the late 19th cent than they are now.
  3. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    I am a Catholic who believes in capitalism. I think real Christianity is about doing what is right despite society, not because of it. If we lived in a socialist or communist society, we would be FORCED to "do the right thing", which goes against free will. But with capitalism, we have a choice, so it means more when we do what is right. Mother Theresa had a choice, and she chose a life of humility and poverty and service. This is the ideal, but just because you don't live your life the way she did does not make one a bad person, just not necessarily AS holy as she was. I am also against the death penalty and abortion. I used to be pro death penalty, but found I could not reconcile this view with my view on abortion, so now I am against both.
  4. ''Capitalism has become far too corrupt to be functional. The economic structure has become suicidal (for example, destroying the atmosphere, which protects us from the sun, to make a dollar, as well as sucking the planet's limited natural resources to make a profit). In the next 10-20 years, the planet's fresh potable water will become incredibly scarce, and the capitalists want to buy it up and sell it to you for a profit, in the name of free trade. This country was formed on the basis of democracy (for the people), and now we've become overly capitalistic (for the wealthy). The government is controlled by the wealthy. The only "freedoms" we have left are to work for the government and spend our money on the government. The puppet government collects absurd amounts of tax money. As far as "freedom of religion" in this country, you have to worship money. Capitalism breeds wealth and poverty, not equality. We thought we were all created equal, but in reality, for one to have more, another must have less, and that¿s not equality. Capitalism closely resembles a pyramid system: the fewer, the richer on the top, while the bottom expands with the poor; this structure is a necessary aspect of capitalism. Equality does not fit into the equation. Capitalism runs on the principle of "competition," which actually turns us all against each other, isolating ourselves; it is contradictory to "cooperation,¿ which is the basis for socialism. We're not saying socialism is the answer; we believe in everyone having an equal chance in living an equal life. Perhaps a democratic-socialist system would be a step towards true equality. Thank you for your time.''
  5. I still remember a debate on French TV, that ''marked'' me profoundly, between a very rich Catholic Capitalist (looking all proud and holy), and a Young Communist Politician, that worked for the poor.

    I was religious back then. Mostly cuz I was ignorant.

    The host asked the communist if he was catholic, and he took a min. to answer and said, 'no', as if he wasn't really sure. This is very typical. Right then I understood I didn't wanna know anything about Christianity.
    Then the TV show asked the Capitalist if the Communist wasn't more Catholic than him. Everyone then applauded. The host assumed that Christianity was necessarily good, when it isn't.

    I am now on a mission to rescue all good and generous people from Christianity, where they don't belong.

    I wish I could say to Capitalists that they'll rot in hell, according to their own Christian belief, but I'm not sure that the Bible supports that. Sad. Sad that there isn't a hell for Christians and Capitalists.
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  6. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Capitalism at its best can encourage people to stretch their potential and stand on their own 2 feet. Communism failed miserably and people were unhappy because there is nowhere to's like running on a hamster wheel all day every day and having your owner throw a few hamster pellets and some water in your cage at the end of the day. No wonder it failed. Not to mention waiting in line for 8 hours for a loaf of bread. Communism only works in theory, not in practice. Do you want to live in a place like China? Cuba? Those are some of the most oppressive places to live in the entire world. I'll take my freedom and the motivation to better myself thanks. And I can be a Christian while doing it.
  7. there is no possible capitalist formula where everyone is rich

    in the us the top1% own 30% of the wealth, while the bottom 40% own 1%

    the wealth is there, how do we spread it

    do we give each the same part

    or do we give 50% to a minority and 1% to the majority
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  8. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    True, but with communism almost everyone ends up poor, hungry and wasting personal potential. Ideally we would have a more compassionate capitalist society.
  9. capitalism is fundamentally selfish and evil

    communism is fundamentally generous and good

    but I understand the advantages of capitalism, and it's bad side too
  10. the ideal is to use the good side of capitalism to innovate and produce more

    and then the good side of communism and spread what we make
  11. for bill gates, one person to own more than the combined wealth of 100 000 000 americans is not only revolting but absurd,
  12. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Bill Gates gives more to charity than anyone I've ever seen. If not for his personal success, many people would not have shelter tonight.
  13. there are reasons why he gives money to charity, it's a business tactic
  14. ur just trying to justidy and rationalize ur greed

    ur a typical 'holy' christian -

    giving peanuts to charity is nothing, it's an insult
  15. Freddy

    Freddy Guest

    Not everyone considers Cuba, China etc to be communist. In particular among Trotskyists, de Leonists (Daniel de Leon) and those into Rosa Luxemburg etc.

    Trotskyist became some of the biggest critics of the former USSR, China, Cuba etc. Not to mention de Leonist and Luxemburg were highly critical of Bolshevisms from the beginning.

    (Mind you I'm not against a mix economy though.)
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  16. Freddy

    Freddy Guest

    In my opinion Bill Gates is a wealthy liberal. Who hasnt forgotten whats its like being poor.

    I think Bono from U2 has similar sentiments. He's not perfect person, has millions of dollars and yet tries to make the world a better place.
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  17. what a paradox that while Christians Capitalists reject Darwin's theory, they support a social form of darwinism

    where they luckiest get on top, and the ''laziest'', as their refured to by capitalist bullies, die
  18. Wealthy liberals are hypocrits

    and Billy Gates was not born into a poor family

    and he has 10,000$ doorknobs in his house

    if he has sacrifed his life, and forgot about himself, and lived for others, he himself could of had saved who knows how many children from death by hunger in africa - he will have to answer for this to ur god, if ur god is normal,

    giving peanuts to charity is an insult

    when ur heart is right, u dont look urself in the mirror, u dont live for urself, u give all away, and live on the minimum, as extreme as this is, thats the generous christian way
  19. prosperity preachers like benny hinn are those ur idols

    tammy faye baker and her makeup

    so superficial and materaalistic
  20. U2 uses his activism to sell his cd, if it wasnt for his activism, i would of had never heard of him
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