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  1. Kaish

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    So I have never had to consider this, but how do people store their car while on vacation? I am thinking of going on a three week vacation and naturally thought about storing it at the airport, but I would think doing so for three weeks would be expensive - I did look at one company that has a shuttle to the airport and three weeks would run me at $102. I have also looked into public storage sheds - since I would also like to store some personal belongings, but that would run me about $100 a month and then the expense to get to the airport.

    Is there anyway around this, or is it typical to pay this amount for car storage?
  2. JmpMster

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    Fairly typical rates. For a week we usually stay in the park and fly hotels - spend night in hotel, leave car parked there and free shuttle to and from airport. The cost of the night in hotel is typically cheaper than the week of airport parking. For longer than a week or so we find it cheaper to use the offsite park and fly lots- they typically have free shuttles to and from airport and if you tell them day time of return flight they will have vehicle freshly washed and waiting for you when you return.
  3. Finance

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    Long term parking. The lots are monitored at the local airport.

    That price doesn't sound bad.
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