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    Say soothing sounds against modern chimes
    Say frolicking freefall into frosty abyss
    Say if you weren’t here, there’d be no-one to miss
    Say I grew in blackness to escape the faceless
    Say we’re a battered rainbow blue
    Adrift together, though your basket’s full

    Can’t be sweet scented soldier falls to ruin
    This work of mime
    An act for wooing?
    Where does the delicate soul run and hide?
    When abrupt carefist disfigures my pride
    I tunnel and tunnel
    Through the hurt inside
    To find a lesson
    Servile carefist’s black’n’blue bride

    I want to bleach the rainbow white
    I’ll ground myself
    Give up the fight
    A festering backwards downside blight
    I just have to find the right hearted tool
    Anything alive in sound to reach you

    This is the epitome
    Your carefist
    The pit of me
    Smashes me, and calls forth ‘pity me’
    Heart slams into heart
    A forced resolute cool
    From one who would have given you his very all
    I loved you, yet my voice was small
    In turning the carefist away from your glove
    It isn’t hatred,
    But it isn’t love

    ~ Muffin
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.