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    I think I have caries in two teeth. I eat candy all the time and barely ever have the energy to brush my teeth... only use mouthwash with fluorine, when I remember. I'm amazed my teeth look so good after all these years. I can't stop eating candy, either, by the way... although, if I have caries, it's too late, anyway... or so I think, at least.

    I can't go to a dentist... my filth consideration prevents me from doing it. They just never would understand all the procedures necessary before something is clean enough to get into my mouth. I know it sounds paradoxical that I'm saying this, since I have such poor dental hygiene, but most with the same problem as I would understand. It hurts a lot, too, of course... :/

    Is there anyone who knows something that is possible to do, other than going to a dentist? Maybe there's some strong poison you can rinse your teeth with? I've heard of at least one person who was able to reverse gangrene... I guess tooth decay is about the same? Maybe it's possible.
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    I think it's getting worse... :/ in one tooth, especially... damnit......
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    I know you said you don't have the energy to brush usually, but you'll need to try your damndest to do it after each meal and especially after eating candy.

    Your teeth are constantly in a state of mineralization and demineralization. Cavities form when the demineralization process is faster than the mineralization process. What speeds the mineralization process is bacteria in your mouth (in plaque) that anaerobically ferment simple sugars (which are obviously abundant in your mouth after meals/candy).

    One of the products of bacterial fermentation is acid that lowers the pH in your mouth and causes demineralization of your enamel to be highly favored.

    Once demineralization begins, it starts to cause cavities. The good thing, though, is that the cavity only becomes permanent once it eats through the enamel and reaches the softer, inner pulp layer of teeth. Before that, you can reverse the cavity forming process by introducing minerals via brushing/mouthwash and turn the process back toward mineralization.

    With cavities that are irreversibly deep, dentists will use filling material (hence called "fillings") to stop the cavity from worsening.

    So you need to find the energy to brush your teeth sir, very important.
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    The tooth I'm most worried about has been repaired twice, already; once it almost became a root filling. This tooth has a deep, drilled out area where bacteria easily can attach, and I'm pretty sure that it's feeling uncomfortable, and sometimes hurts, in that very area of the tooth.

    I hate going to the dentist... I think I'm just going to try to think it away. Maybe it works... there was a man with great will power who had got early gangrene, and miraculously, it stopped, and he just got blisters. Maybe it was his strong will power that made it stop. Not that I know if gangrene and caries, in actuality, even can be compared. :/