Carribean seems to have been forgotten

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  1. Butterfly

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  2. slcsportschick

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    That is really depressing. I had not heard anything about Sandy until a few days ago. Seeing all the damage it has done all over the place is heart breaking *cry
  3. 3.141592654

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    I can understand that within the US they would mainly focus on themselves, but here in Europe the US damage is also all that is talked about. The fact that the Haiti damage is mainly because the country is still a mess after the earthquake nearly 3 years ago says it all.
  4. wdicwg

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    It is unfortunate that the world we live in has become one focused on larger and more well off nations than those who need our help the most. It takes a catastrophe that hits two areas (one more well off and one less well off) to make this difference pronounced, but it occurs all the time. There are still nations where the overwhelming majority of people lack a basic human need that people only think about when it is the news. My heart goes out to anyone who was touched by the storm because they are all suffering but I hate that the world is only focused on the US and not the other areas touched by the storm.
  5. Moat

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    That is not true; just think back to the Haiti earthquake of 2010, the Icelandic volcanic eruption or the more recent Japan earthquake off Honshu just this last 09 November (which was not reported in any of the major news agencies). Human beings tend to develop deeper emotional ties with things that hit on a large scale, fame, droughts, earthquakes, volcanoes, basically anything that affects the lives of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people, be they in well developed countries or not and the fact that so much goes into how people's lives were affected in the way of crops, businesses destroyed, forced into 'tent cities' and even the scale of death that comes from such things tends to make anyone's heart bleed as they watch the pictures stream in 'live from the scene.' The sad fact is, more media exposure is simply put on those areas which have the biggest loss to industry because of how much damage it causes and the repercussions to the rest of the World because of it and do not forget that america is the World's leader when it comes (in this case) to the media, so naturally, it would have more emphasis placed on it than other, smaller nations. Basically, the more death and destruction that a natural event causes, the more media exposure it gets, because that brings in the viewers and viewers means ratings and, well, we all know what ratings amount to. But be that as it may, it still is not excuse for the poor management of exposure to plight that other countries face in such extremes.
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