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    This is the phrase that I'll use to
    Describe this to you
    Lately the sky is a depressing shade of greyish-blue
    I think you always knew that
    Self-mutilation was my thing to do, my way to go
    Because there's no other way for me to flow
    Can you hear these hollow words?
    Don't you know
    That you were never there for me
    Don't you know
    That I always hoped you'd set me free
    I want you to know that
    I've always carried you inside of me yet
    I can't take it anymore yet
    I don't want to feel anymore I'm so
    So Tired
    So Tired
    So Tired
    So this is my final message to you
    You, who is a limitless distance away
    You, who let me feel this way
    You, whom I've always adored
    My one and only
    Beautiful Messiah
    Stop and take a moment to listen
    Stop and take a moment to care
    Stop and take a moment to hear me, Lord
    Because I feel so scared
    So this is my final message to you
    You, who is only a long forgotten memory
    A blurry dream, a dream upon waking
    I want you to know, Lord, that
    I LOVED YOU and yet now...
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  2. theleastofthese

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    WOW!!! :eek:hmy: I really really like this one! :smile: This is great! :smile: :smile: Thank you for sharing it with us. Please post more of your works!:smile:

  3. "So Tired
    So Tired
    So Tired"...

    I really feel your sense of loss - and weariness - can relate to it all too well. I don't think there's a greater pain than feeling abandoned by God when once feeling SOooo close. Yet the greatest of saints and visionaries have experienced it. It's called "the Dark Night of The Soul". I'm there now - have been for quite some time - it's unbearable - and I really appreciated your poem, your thoughts. Keep posting...your words meant a lot. More than you know...

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