Catherine's reasons to stay alive

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  1. morfea

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    This is from a friend on FB suicide group and I think it's worth looking at, maybe you'll find at least one reason good enough to stay alive

    1. I deserve to be happy.
    2. I'm a beautiful person on the inside/outside.
    3. I am paying for and living in my own apartment.
    4. I am worth it!
    5. I have a lot of beautiful and amazing things to say and write (I have the ability to touch and inspire people).
    6. I am not alone, more than 50% of people in the western world have depression (even people in my own neighborhood and workplace).
    7. I am not worthless, helpless, and hopeless. I am a work in progress.. I am becoming...
    8. I have the ability to care and help others - regardless of extreme circumstances.
    9. All of the people that love me or care about me will hurt me at least once, but they are not trying to intentionally hurt me everytime they interact with me.
    10. Just because others can't physically be with me when I'm in my worst depressed states doesn't mean they don't care about me, it just means they are busy, have other things they need to do, or have other people they need to be with but it doesn't mean they don't care about me!
    11. It's not that other people don't care about me, they just don't understand depression, they don't know how to handle/cope with my depression, or they are afraid of what will happen with/to me because of my depression - they are afraid of my depression.
    12. It's not my fault that I have depression. It is a chemical inbalance in my brain caused by serotonin reuptake. I am not stupid - depression isn't who I am it is just a disorder that I have and I am taking medication and doing everything I can to feel better and cope with my depression and that's awesome!
    13. Depression isn't who I am and I will always have the power to accept myself and my strength even if others don't have the ability to accept me.

    14. If I died tomorrow my biggest regret would be... I'd never really get to enjoy my life, to see what will happen, because, it is most probably true that I only have this one !
  2. Fdt

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    The thing that keeps me alive is curiosity.

    I'm curious as to whether I will be successful and wealthy like my parents, but still be able to keep my feet on the ground and appreciate people.
    I'm curious as to whether I will meet a beautiful girl that isn't stolen from me by my brother (maybe 4th time lucky?)
    I'm curious about what cars will be released over the next 30 years, if I die I'll never get a chance to see them.
    I'm curious about whether all my wories will be in vein, because my life might be taken from me prematurely anyway.
    I'm curious about what my child would look like, and whether I have what it takes to be a father.
    I'm curious about whether I will be able to ever wake up and smile instead of cry.
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