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Cause of Suicidal Thoughts

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by shootme, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. shootme

    shootme New Member

    I just want to put this out there..hopefully it can help someone.

    I have been suffering with suicidal thoughts since i was around 10-11..i'm now 36. I have been on all different antidepressants and nothing really helps. Just feel like a zombie. I recently found out that having metal tooth fillings in the teeth causes people to have sucidal thoughts because of mercury poisoning. The main symptom of mercury poisoning is uncontrollable suicidal thoughts. Since mercury travels through the body and leeches inside the brain. This effects the area of your brain that controls your personality, speech pattern, breathing pattern and thoughts. Millions of americans who are depressed actually have mercury poisoning. It will come out eventually to the public..in fact it is NOW one of the biggest class action law suits in canada. It is thought that mercury poisoning is the actual cause of brain diseases such as alzeimers, parkinsons, epilepsy and more. This is hidden from the public b/c big pharma pays the FDA 400 billion dollars a year to keep the info. hidden.

    I found this out through nice people on other forums who wanted to share their experience and help other people. I just wanted to inform you about it as well. If you have any metal fillings in your teeth..they are made up of 50% mercury and You have in fact some sort of mercury floating around in your body. The fDA denies the dangers only because the millions or billions of lawsuits that would follow b/c of all the damage it has caused. Mercury is also thought to be the cause of autism. So mercury causes personality problems such as extreme shyness, panic attacks, anger, suicide thoughts, feeling apart from the world and autistic like behaviors.
    I recently took out all my metal fillings 5 weeks ago and I am following a detox protocol. I had hair ab analysis and it showed that i had high mercury in my hair which comes from the body. The world health organization says that NO amount of mercury is safe in the body. It's a huge mistake of our century. I NOW know that people with psychological problems may have dental tooth fillings. these metal fillings cause so many problems physically to the body as well..as emotionally. If you have these fillings i urge you to start researching information online. There are so many testimonials form people who took out their fillings and were cured of depression, Multiple sclerosis, parkinsons, alzeimers and more.
    Anyway, It's been 5 weeks since i had surgery and removed my metal fillings. They warned me that i would go through some type of withdrawal and that i may hit rockbottom before i get better. I am hitting rock bottom..that is why i am here. Also, i wish i knew about this when i was in my early 20s. I may have been all better by now and saved me years of heartache. I hope this may be a seed to help someone one day. :) Just don't get mad at me for posting this info. I'm just trying to help. Although i know..no good deed goes unpunished.
    As for myself i am struggling right now. It will take a year to detox the metal from my body. I'm experiencing suicidal thoughts. i don't even feel like going through the process. I feel like i lost a large amount of my life to this problem..and i feel that antidepressants just turned me into a mummy and life just passed me by. I don't have anyone in my life...the only thing that keeps me here is the unconditional love of my dog. The only creature to ever trully love me. Every guy i ever loved and cared about has broken my heart to pieces. I have lived too much agony to feel as though i can never feel joy again. The pain just adds up and i can't lead a normal life. I really feel like i want to buy a gun and shoot myself. I once tried to Over-dose but i made the mistake of telling my mom..and she sent the ambulance..and i ended up in the hospital. They say many people who attempt finally succeed. I have many thoughts of buying this gun. I just think about my dog and she would be devastated and would never be ok without me. I've never experienced such attachment from a dog before or human. I hoped that i would lead a nice life, fall in love..get married. But, none of that happened for me. I just experienced heart breaks..that killed me over and over again. I think there's a limit to how much pain a person can go through. I don't know how to change things around..and don't know if i have the ability to be normal after all this pain and agony i have been through. I really wish i could just fall asleep and never wake up. It's the only time i feel at peace.
  2. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    <Mod Edit: Inappropriate> Don't stay alone with your demons. Share them with others and let people help you.
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  3. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    Thanks for informating people about the danger of mercury (tooth).

    Hopefully those who have had tooth filling will bother going to be tested and see if this indeed applying to them as well and perhaps resolve part of the problem.

    These thing are important to be known as it affects people lives.

  4. shootme

    shootme New Member

    thanks for replying. I was scared to look at the replies. I've noticed that when i try to help people..i usually get more hurt in the end. Especially something common like tooth fillings that we are all taught to believe is safe..all our lives.. people want to vehemently believe what the gov tells us and what media tells us. If you notice most commercials are pharmaceutical companies..we are being fed a bunch of propoganda that favor pharmaceutical companies. Everything we put into our mouth (water, meat, food, artificial sweetners)..has chemicals that are damaging our brains. That is why 50% of america are on antidepressants. Flouride is actually a very dangerous chemical that is manufactured by the Manure industry (yes, the shit industry). They didn't know what to do with the chemical byproduct so they marketed it as "good for teeth"..when actually it is just chemically wearing down your teeth and leeching into your brain and body..which is killing brain cells and causing all sorts of damage to your organs. (research this!). Flouride was used in the holocaust by the natzi's to brain wash their victims..it is now being put into our water, pharmaceutical pills (like antidepressents) and products (toothpaste). I would advice you to research this if you don't believe it. The big pharmaceuticals are paying for all the advertisements on tv..so everything you see on tv will never tell you the TRUTH about the dangers of the products that are paying the bills of the cable networks. That is why we are ALL "brain fucked" and why so many people are depressed and taking antidepressents. All to counteract what has been given to us. It's starting to get very apparent that there is a problem in this country..when 50% of the people are on antidepressants and like the other 50% probably need it. Something is not right! Most of the chemicals in our food have NOT been around for more then 100 years. Children are becoming increasingly violent (guns in school) and kids are developing puberty rapidly at a much earlier age then 20 years ago. This is not by chance..this is called "chemicals" in our foods and water producing hormonal fluctuations and brain chemistry changes. (Ive been researching this for the past 6 months - and i could not believe the negligence on the part of our FDA -food and drug admin and our government) It's opened my eyes to how this world works and it has NOT made me any happier to find the cause..just angrier with our system and angrier at the people who are supposed to be protecting us. P.S. - the woman on here who mentioned she just found out she had cancer - if you want to live - you can..research "dr. hulda clark" - she is one of the physicians who has a very high success rate in curing all types of cancer..advanced stages and all using natural methods. The government tries to persecute anyone taking money away from the pharmaceuticals and anyone who has a cure for cancer is either "mysteriously vanished" or dies a sudden unnatural death. Greed in America! I now know why we are all brain fucked..the people are keeping us that way. If you are curious and want to research this..you can find out about the reason why we are all being kept unhealthy..basically the pharmaceuticals pay over 400 billion dollars a year to the government. If they lose money if there is a cure for cancer or depression..the government loses money. We are purposely being kept in the dark. Most so called "diseases" are NOT hereditary and not "natural" occuring. I found out through extensive research and people who have cured themselves..that most of what is called cancer is actually metal toxicity combined with the chemicals being put in our food, water, beauty products. Dr. clark cures patients of cancer by doing detoxing of all these products in the body. Most of her patients are then able to shock the "conventional" doctors who can't cure cancer..and show them an Xray with NO cancer tumors after they had terminal cancer. Our medical profession is totally FUCKED! There are so many stories that i've researched online that prove that we are being kept at an unhealthy state for the benefit of money to the pharmaceuticals and government. Don't believe me? research this!

    The lawsuit in canada that is going on right now is the biggest class action lawsuit in canadian history. People that are suing from being damaged by metal tooth fillings. One woman has even had her "brain set on fire" from the electronic frequencies emanating from the metal in her mouth. Most other countries have banned silver tooth fillings with mercury. We are the last to find out..due to political reasons and the greed of the FDA and medical associations profiting from our ill health. They are hiding the true dangers of silver mercury fillings and instead profiting from the damage it does to the brain and body. I had my metal fillings removed 5 weeks ago. The change is dramatic. My head feels much clearer. It will take me several years to completely detox the metal that leached into my brain from the tooth fillings. I will go through ups and downs as far as depression and suicidal thoughts while i take the DMSA used to pull the metal out of my system. The doctor who helped me is famous for bringing this knowledge to the public. The government has tried to keep him quiet over the years. He has had bullets shot at him through his window and he had a whistle blower from the government call him and warn him that he is a target for being assasinated. They almost killed his wife..she was on her death bed after being radiated with a laser beam while she slept. ( they have satallite laser beams that can kill someone in their homes) My doctror's wife was on her death bed and barely made it alive. The government uses these microwave laser beams to keep "whistle blowers " quiet and apparently they are using it on physicians who are actually trying to warn americans and who know the truth of whats going on in America.

    so if you think you are depressed..at least you are not alone.and its not your fault. And if you are outside of the united states..this is going on in all the big countries as well...from what i've researched the whole pharmaceutical propaganda extends to all different countries.

    Anyway, good luck..and if anyone has any questions..email me..i'm always happy to help people.
    I just found out all this crap about 6 months ago..i was naive up until i stumbled on all this information. Now i'm trying to undo what was done..no chemical in my foods..all organic..no flouride..and no chemical beauty products..they all have sodium laural sulfate, aluminum, and propyl chemicals that cause brain and organ damage. I am detoxing and hoping that the depresseion and suicidal thoughts will go away. I will let you know if this works.
    Hope everyone is doing ok..i'm currently in NJ..if anyone needs a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on..i'm availabe anytime..if you want to get together or just talk.
    contact at mklgenterprises dot com
    - Jennifer G.
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