cbt or psychotherapy?

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    cbt or psychotherapy?
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    CBT is a type of psychotherapy. With a competent therapist all types of psychotherapy are similarly effective.

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    It really depends what you are looking for and what you what help with.

    CBT is particularly helpful in tacking problems such as anxiety, depression,
    Unlike other talking treatments, such as psychotherapy, CBT focuses on the problems and difficulties you have now, rather than issues from your past. It looks for practical ways you can improve your state of mind on a daily basis.
    It's very structured and doesn't really last longer than six months.

    Psychotherapy is longer term and can up to several last years. It looks into developing a trusting relationship with your therapist to able you to take a lot of time to look into past and childhood and how it could relate to your behaviour now.
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    That's psychoanalysis, another sort of psychotherapy.
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    For treating what?

    I know very little about psychoanalysis but i would say cbt it is a proven method that can quickly deal with issues and change the way you see certin situations. I would definatly try that first, well you mean for depression, anxiety etc. So yes cbt.
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