Cervical Smear Test

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  1. Well my old doctors wrote to me about it.Then by coincidence i moved which landed me with a different doctor.And so they ten also wrote to remind me I should be tested for teh first time.i still couldnt bring myself to go.Cos of stuff from my past i couldnt deal with it.Couldnt bring myself to do it.To go.I know the importance of the test.It has just felt like too much for me though.I couldnt even deal well with thinking about it.But today now the surgery have written again with another reminder.i know i should have it done [as i know how important it is should i survive other things] but i am scared and worried about it and i dont know what to do.i know a lot of women are uncomfortable with it but it is my past that is stopping me.i know it is stupid.Not a lot has even happened to me compared to many.Just not sure what to do,how to get through this one.
  2. Terry

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    I know their not pleasant hun, but it is important to have them done.
    If you have issues with it because of your past, please tell the nurse/doctor that, they will understand :hug:
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    I think you should go, the doctors have seen it all before, and just tell them your worries
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    Definitely tell them what is stopping you from getting the test done. They'll be able to offer you something like vallium to help you get through the test.

    The smear tests I've had have been very quick less than a minute.

    They are well worth being done as anything abnormal can be picked up early.
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