Chain On The Reel; My Piece In Cyberspace.

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  1. Chemical Chaos

    Chemical Chaos Active Member

    The Despondant Ramblings Of One Who Watches The Clock

    at me,
    about me.
    be horrible...
    to me.

    make the comments that swell your ego,
    if it's at my expense then it's no expense at all.
    after all, who the hell am i?

    can i be your friend?
    just to catch someone's smile,
    a warm one instead of one that says...
    "ha, ha, look at you!"

    i know i'm not that pretty,
    and i know that i'm not that funny,
    i know that i'm not always that happy...
    but i just want to be your friend.
    ha, ha...look at me.

    i stand there...i asked a question,
    i'm met with distain...
    who the hell are you to ask that?
    i crack a joke, i get looked at strangely...
    what the hell are you doing saying that?
    eyes water, head down...i stutter out words
    to describe this ache...
    you tell me to shut up.
    "will you just stop moaning? the world turns...
    but it doesn't turn for you."

    fragile...i tip toe around words,
    that come natural to the rest of you...
    what if i say the wrong thing?
    i should have realised...
    "but, child, everything you say is the wrong thing..."

    i am legal to drink, to vote, to drive a car...
    and yet...i am treated like ones
    of a tender age...
    too stupid to think their own thoughts.
    i just want to be your friend.

    shaking, i shuffle home...
    another day of my being looked down
    i stifle my tears....watery eyes and an aching heart,
    only serve me to be more disliked.

    the key through my door,
    i sit on my bed...
    "why don't they like me?"
    i call to the air...where is my answer?

    i close my in to my sobs,
    they arrive, loud, and
    all mine.

    i set my alarm clock,
    to annouce when the new dawn has arrived...
    and i set my mind...
    to remind me not to expect tomorrow...
    to be any less of death sentance,
    then i expected it not to be,
  2. Chemical Chaos

    Chemical Chaos Active Member

    This Place In Time

    I'm not sharing this place in time with you,
    The past is past and
    What doesn't tear us apart…
    Keeps us together.
    Can you hear the piano strings?

    Churn out the masterpiece and see if it


    You were always the beautiful one…
    In that place in time and
    My identity always failed me.

    I know you hate me by the lust in your eyes
    For him.
    And I can tell what you're thinking,
    By your speaking in silence,
    To me.

    I hate the way it all worked out,
    But some choices are by no means our own,
    In some small corners of life…

    I close my eyes and I'm still there…
    Oh, that place in time…
    Many more years ago it will turn out to be,
    The past can only get further away
    And it hurts that it means you're stumbling
    Out of my view.

    I reached you, and I couldn't keep hold,
    And "I'm sorry" was never in your fluent language.
    I wish you understood my need for your apologies,
    But you were all sorried out on someone else,
    In this shared place in time.
    And safe to say, when the world goes away,
    And I'm left on a death bed in my own memories,
    That you won't be one of them…
    And when my life flashes before my eyes,
    I hope you are well out of my eyeshot.
    It hurts to love and lose,
    But it hurts more to love, lose, and die for it.

    I won't paint my coffin black for you,
    Inhale, exhale you out…
    There you go…gone.
    Just like you did to me.

    It's a funny game to play,
    When you stumble out bone dry,
    From being spat out by life…
    And it just goes to show,
    Oh my, does it show…
    That I don't need you…
    In this place in time.
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