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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by kyle, Sep 5, 2013.

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    I have not done any self harm in quite a while but right now is a very trying time for me. I've tried so hard not to do anything and I haven't, I'm trying to stay strong. I came very close last night. I am in the process of trying to tell my current bosses that I will be leaving and moving to another state to live with my girlfriend and where I just got hired for a different job. I also need to tell my friend/roommate that I will be leaving (I will still pay rent) but I hope that he finds someone sooner than later to move in. I feel like this job possibility came so fast, but in the end I know it's my fault and that is the worst part. I should have told my bosses and roommate 2 days ago but I get so worked up and anxious and just want to hurt myself because I feel like I am just a disappointment that is ruining everything. I know this feeling and writing this is just a bunch of self serving self pity but I wanted to write to see if it will make me feel any better and maybe someone has some advice.

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    I hope you tell them soon hun so you can have some peace You did good to make sure you had a job to go to and I wish you well with that Please don't harm you ok you are just doing what many do venturing out a bit congrats on you new placement i hope everything goes well.
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