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  1. Carpediem

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    I've always over indulged, but it seems about 1 week ago I've started doing the exact opposite, was just after a huge row with someone I care for I stopped eating, when its happened in the past it may of lasted for a day or so, but I have no interest in eating anything more than 1 meal a day, I've tried to eat more but I only make myself ill feeling too full, I've lost half a stone in a week and I'm rapidly losing weight, I just don't understand why it's going on for so long.
  2. KimKim

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    that's interesting...I don't know why it lasts for so long...but maybe your eating habis isn't directly related to the cause anmore. i experienced it like that. I felt bad and stoped eating. since then i sticked with eating very little.
    But you should eat a bit more that you do now. because your body needs nutrients. sooner or later your nails will start breaking and your hair will fall out if they are missing in yor diet.
    I wold suggest eating 3 meals a day. I eat little but healthy breakfast, a small to normal lunch and a small dinner.
    Eat in small bites. that will help avoiding the "too-full"-feel.
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