Changeling - A series of pieces for forward steps.

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  1. In Limbo

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    At first I ran from nightmares, tears and screams
    dulled and dimmed by radio white noise and
    Motorway night-creatures

    I called you from Limbo
    The conversation I don't remember
    Icy 3AM chill sank in as I stepped out of the car
    Not knowing what to do
    Not knowing what to be

    Now I drive for clearance
    Now I find enjoyment in unsullied

    Not lonely
    But tranquil pieces of my uncluttered mind

    Now I drive to see the day
    To bite the horizon
    To chase another sunrise
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    Maybe this is less in limbo??? Thanks for is quite good...J
  3. In Limbo

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    II - First Sessions

    Hands twist in my lap

    As I try to put one foot in front of the other

    What has gone before?
    I can't remember

    You always leave me numb and drained
    Frail and dizzy
    A fish on the shore desperately flailing for air


    Yet I try to think
    Because I don't have to push against you
    You don't know me.

    And yet you prise me open like what I have become.

    A complicated knot.

    And as I unravel before you,
    In dry wracking chokes of despair
    You say the words I hate and love you for

    "Same time next week"
  4. In Limbo

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    III - Aunt Hillary

    You are my anchor.

    Not strong, weatherbeaten, forthright
    like the ones I imagine
    the ones I want.

    Little bubble of calming influence.
    But you have known my fragility
    Shared in my dread.

    Now years later my anchor
    Unyielding support of sanity
    In a mad world.

    Moored not to plans, strategies, bigger pictures
    But to quiet words, a frayed smile, a slice of fruitcake.

    The sea of the cafe moves around me,
    full of people I don't understand.

    But you are my anchor.
    I'm no longer drowning.
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    Love them Chris, thank you.
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