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"Changes Needed to Improve Jane's Life"

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*please make sticky and move to where it will do the most good*

My psychiatrist gave me this.
This is a list of behavior changes that anyone with a personality disorder, including anything in the schizoid family, should make in order to function. They're all set in "Jane must do this" format.

1) Jane must not fear being alone.

2) Jane must have more permanent, structured, and supportive relationships.

3) Jane's self-image must stabilize, and must not be that of a "victim."

4) Jane must avoid impulsive, potentially self damaging behaviors

5) Jane must avoid self-mutilating or suicidal behavior

6) Jane's moods must stabilize

7) Jane must find a purpose and meaning for her life.

8) Jane's anger must be controlled

9) Jane's paranoid ideation or dissociative symptoms must decrease.

There is an "Otherwise" list I will post if people want to look at them. Unfortunately there's nothing in the list about how to do any of them.


:unsure: Did your psychiatrist say anything as to how he's going to help you do these things?

Yeah, I'd be interested in seeing the "Otherwise," list.


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If your psych gives you any information on how to do this, please share with us. :)

These things are almost exactly what I've been trying to obtain. :P

The list with 'otherwise' would be useful. ^^
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