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    After stepping on the scales the beginning of the week, I am in dire need of a complete lifestyle change. I'm 5ft 11 and weigh a disgusting 16.5 st. I need suggestions for healthy family friendly meals ( I have a 2 year old daughter) so any healthy recipes are absolutely welcome. Simple indoor exercise plan as getting out to gyms on low income is pretty difficult.

    Any help is and will be greatly appreciated.

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    Good for you for wanting to change! Eating smaller meals, homecooked meals, invest in sprouts. Sprouts are extremely healthy easy to grow and easy to digest. Also pretty cheep to go organic with as well. Check out sprouting sites online. Drink more water wait an hour after waking to eat breakfast only drinking a glass of water till you can eat. Do not eat three to four hours before bed. Also I have an exercise video that I do not use. It is called slim in 6. You work with it for six weeks and you will be slimmer trust me. All of these things will help you.
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    I already do majority of my food home cooked, none of this premade stuff as I dont know what goes in it, I usually only buy standard fruits and veg (but thats only when my dad hasn't got any fully grown for me to have). My biggest downfall is gravy... I make it all from scratch. but because of that it uses a lot of fat (very bad me) which I need to a) cut it out completely, or b) make it lighter for me. I'm not a massive breakfast eater. Which I really need to change. Lunches I am really struggling with making a meal plan. most things I can think of include a lot of starchy carbs (pasta, bread, rice) I have cous cous on my plans, absolutely love the stuff... but not feeling really all that creative with it.

    And sprouts... I absolutely love them... my bf on the other hand isn't very appreciative when I have them...

    I am just shocked that I have let myself go... I have gained 3st in 1.5 years. and I cannot keep letting myself go like I am. other wise I am going to get a lot of health issues and worsened health issues that I really should not be doing to myself.
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    i love lifestyle changes!, i make them all the time, even when things are going well. it's like building muscle; if you do the exact same weight exercise over and over for months, your body will get used to the exercise and your progress will plateau. if you regularly change up the exercise, your body is forced to continually adapt, and the progress will be constant.
    this applies to eating as well. stick to fresh foods (perishables) as much as possible, but don't eat the same thing every night, keep a good variety so your body doesn't get bored and crave junk. try to stay out of the frozen/boxed meal isle, i know its difficult to find time to cook every night, especially with a small child, but there are so many fresh meals you can prepare in less time than it takes to microwave a preserved meal. try to avoid large amount of carbs and starches unless you are exercising heavily, the body is very good at storing these as fat for fuel. and probably most importantly, don't choke down foods you hate just because they're good for you, find smart choices that you actually like, and as many of them as possible for variety.
    as for exercise, i've found it very hard to stay motivated on a treadmill by my self, i have much better luck getting exercise through activities that i enjoy, especially community activities (group sports ect.). some of these things can be expensive on a fixed income, but many of them are cheap or free. try as many things as you have the means too until you find something you like, or better yet, find a couple things you like so you can mix it up. just a few ideas: walking, running, hiking in the woods, bicycling, swimming, public basketball, soccer (probably football to you ;)). do you have access to any kind of daycare?, if not maybe try to find something where you can take your daughter with you.
    anyway, these are all things that have been very help to me, not just in maintaining weight and strength, but also in improving my mental well being. hope some of them are helpful to you.

    edit: regarding the premade/frozen stuff, i wrote this before your reply ;)
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    Cut down your carb intake! Try to reduce it to 100grams a day. And eat the majority of your carbs in the.morning. try to avoid carbs for.dinner completely. Stay away from potatoes in particular.
    Eat slowly, put the fork down every couple bites and chew a lot. It takes 15 min I believe for your stomach to realize its full. Also, use smaller plates. You can trick your stomach into thinking you just ate a big meal, a normal portion of food looks bigger on a smaller plate.
    Eat chicken and Turkey instead of pork and beef. Oh and tuna. High in protein and low in carbs and fat.
    Depending on the amount of protein you have in your diet, your body needs fat. Fat is responsible for transporting the protein in your blood... Or some shit like that lol anyway you need fat. It's the carbs that will make the diffrence. Reduce your calorie intake to 1200 a day. Maybe a little more or less. I believe you can calculate it exactly online by typing in your weight and hight.

    You can do simple 30min work outs at home like crunches, squads and the like. I stream Pilates lessons online or sometimes something is on tv in the morning that you can work out to.
    And a little bit of cardio...I absolutely hate it with.everything I've got. But a 20-30 min jog like 3 times a week would be for weight loss.
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    Hi PU - Very good on you for wanting to do this.........a cuple of suggestions - as you like vegetables, try basing your new eating plan around stirfried veggies in the wok. This is what hubby and I started doing 3 months ago - he lost 3kg just like that (also giving up bread) - I've lost a couple of kgs and have not felt hungry once. The reason being: that you can eat as much as you like, lol!

    Flavour them with fresh garlic, onions, ginger, chilli. Only use a tiny amount of oil - just enough to grease the wok with - sesame oil is good for flavour - fry the sliced up onions first, to nearly browning, then add the short sticks of carrots (carrots take longest to cook) - meanwhile, have your liquid close to hand - like an oxo cube dissolved in half a pint of boiling water. Basically, the veggies get braised in water and steam. The 'fry' in stir-fry doesn't mean all cooked in tons of oil, cos that wouldn't work! The protein you eat with it - can be added in with the veggies - (we tend to have a lot of fish separately, and any meat gets sparingly stir-fried separately as well in a sauce of chopped tinned tomatoes - makes it very easy, and you'll find you won't need so much)
    If you base your eating around this - I promise you, the results will be absolutely amazing. For carbs - oats are good (no gluten, which tends to bloat). For exercise - put daughter into buggy and walk - increasing the 'goal posts' as you can.

    All the very best with this.