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Hiya All

I was wondering if you can help me, when i am with a certain chap I am constantly manic/depressed mentally and emotionally and often there's no reason to be like it or it's because he's been pissing me off.
However, when I am at home, I put on a happy face but inside I am really feeling shitty and depressed and have thoughts of hurting myself etc. I have tried telling them how things are for me however they don't believe a word of what I am saying or i simply don't react/speak to anyone in the house.

Can anyone help me?


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Family and mental health can be hard. It took my parents a long time to acknowledge my issues. You may just have to find that release elsewhere through another friend or psychologist. You want those close to you to understand but sometimes it won't happen. Maybe it is something in them they don't want to come to terms with. I feel that my parents wanted me to be happy because they wanted the world to see us as a happy family unit. You can work at it but don't put to much pressure. If you are in a bad place there are always help lines and hopefully if you ever get to that dark place they will realize and give you the support you deserve and help you move forward. Don't let it make you feel isolated just because they are not willing to accept a very real struggle you go through.


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Hi there,
Sometimes parents are a real pain. What's up with that? Do you have any idea how often we read here about someone saying "I've tried to tell my parents how I feel and they didn't react / said nothing / don't care / told me I was lying", etc. It's insanity. I would come unglued if my kids said some of this stuff to me and to hear that you guys' parents are like "eh, you're over reacting" is .. just incomprehensible. I'm sorry you have to deal with that. Do they **understand** the gravity of the thoughts that you're having or did they even listen to what you're saying to them?

If not your parents to talk to then are there any other trusted adults in your life?
We're always around here..someone, at least. In the chat or otherwise. Keep coming back, we're a pretty decent bunch. Hang in there.

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