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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Edge2, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. Edge2

    Edge2 Guest

    This question is more geared towards people whom have changed their lives before, but any views are welcome.

    I'd rather not get into the specifics, but if anyone can tell me who has changed their lives before. Was it difficult letting go of an old life and starting again? I feel utterly frightened of this, because Im an internally emotional person. I have refused, and still refuse to close myself off to my feelings inside, which makes me become very hyper sensitive.
    A good friend of mine said to say to myself "fuck it", which I completely agree with. But at the sametime, I'm afraid that if I tell myself "fuck it" to my feelings, Ill forget, and become cold and calculated. It's hard enough feeling guilty for the situation I'm in, and thefailings I've created, while combating that ability to feel "all so sorry for myself".

    Sorry, it get's messy with feelings. I know part of it is to stick to a game plan and go for it. Have soemthing to do now, which also builds for tomorrow. I sorta have that worked out. But it's the emotional part I am unsure of. I'm worried that by saying fuck it to how I feel, in order to move onto the next step(s), I will forget or become dismissive to them in the future without thinking. It's been hard enough for me to find feelings and appricate them. It's like I can say fuck my life now, Im going for the new. But isn't it about how you do it, not jus doing it. Does anyone have any advice?
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    feeling emotions are there for a reason I think looking at what is causing the emotion the stress is important then change that. One cannot just push aside what is in them it only comes back later. Face the emotion see where it is coming from get therapy and then change what is causing that emoition be it environment etc i hope that makes sense.
  3. edge2

    edge2 Guest

    It makes sense. It just isn't praticle for the time setting im in. I i think I know what the problems are, or the root sources for some of my feelings. It's just so many, and it's difficult for me to keep them in perspective. I know they'll come back, but in what way? More than likely even more confusing and layered, making them difficult to understand and deal with.
    Thearpy isn't an option unfortunatly. Maybe writing stuff down? I tend to forget easily, especially how I feel, cause I massively just disassociate, and it's literally a regular thing now. It's part of why I have to change everything. In the end it's not a big deal, I need to keep telling myself this, because sometimes it feels like its everything.

    Well... if you've got any other tips feel free to share :). The more I ponder this question, the more I think it's better to just go with a game plan and do things, and see how things pan out.
  4. houseofcards

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    Changing habits is a LOT easier said than done, but it definitely can be done. I've been trying to change a few things about myself over the past 8 months and have made very little progress, although some. What helps is to know that we're currently in the present time and the past has very little to do with the present. Sure, it can bother us, or people remember the past and bring it up again, but we dwell on it a lot and is a reason (out of many) for why people have hard times changing themselves.
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