Changing Your View

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I am planning on making a motivation site and am currently trying to write articles for it. This piece is not done but I would like to know what you guys think of it. I hope someone can get something out of it.

Changing Your View

If you want to stop feeling depressed you must first want to change yourself. Talking to someone or taking medication will maybe work temporary but its not permanent. Once you have made up your mind that you want to change how you feel for the better than you can progress from there. You must be willing to contribute effort to notice a difference in how you feel. If no effort is given than you most likely will not see any improvement. Life is not always what we make it but we can overcome unforeseen events and feelings if we are dedicated to feeling better.
Now you may ask where do I start? There is no defined place to start but a good place is to find out what bothers you. Most likely you will already know but some people just are depressed and don't know why. If by now you don't feel like you can feel better because you felt bad for so long, you need to stand up and say enough of this, I am in control and have the power over myself. Ask yourself, why do I let things in life bother me so much? Do your feelings control who you are and how you feel? If you answered yes than you need to change how you view events and emotions in life.


Anger - If you are angry does affect those around me? Not only is being angry bad for you physically, it can also affect the people around you and how they view you. Lets say you are angry at someone for some reason. Now you probably think about the problem that exists between you two and are probably thinking you are right in how you see yourself. What is anger to you? What angers you? Does it drive you to do things you don't like to do normally? If it does or if it distracts you from concentrating you are letting an emotion control you and your actions. A simple yet hard solution for someone who is prideful is to let it go, even if you think you are right. Life isn't about being mad with people, if you remain angry with people your life will be short and full of trouble.

Loneliness - Is loneliness getting the best of you lately or even for awhile now? This feeling can be more dangerous than most depending on how its nurtured. It can literally change who you are depending on how long and how serve this emotion lasts. This also can't always be helped and can't always just go away. A lot of people experience loneliness at some point in their life but usually not for too long. For some its a hell that many don't understand. Side effects of loneliness can include: low self esteem, feeling lost, isolation, anger, shyness, anxiety, desperation, nausea, and many others depending on the individual. The poison that loneliness inflicts on someone can make it very hard to fix and may seem impossible. Getting out more and being around people don't always fix it either. The best way to cure loneliness is not to really changing it but overcoming it. Don't be quick to give up because you find it hard to not feel lonely. Try picking up a hobby, maybe work more hours, occupy your time helping others, or trying thinking of something yourself to pass the time. Also try to keep an open mind in that some day in the future you may meet new people. Having a hopeless attitude will not get you far on the path to change yourself.

Now there are many emotions that we have but that doesn't mean we have to let them overcome us and let them control who we are. It might seem overwhelming at first to view yourself as happy and in control. If you can't view yourself in a positive light, trying viewing it as a possibility for yourself. If you are already feeling hopeless than don't let that affect your sight of what you want in life. Life is too short to not do the things you want to do whatever it may be. If you are thinking you are in too deep than take it one step at a time. Hard work always produces results no matter what it is in life, so if you put a lot work into becoming who you want to be, expect results.

The only requirement to changing yourself is a willing attitude. You don't even need anyone else to help, all that you need is inside of you. Expect to make mistakes and accept your failures. Yesterday is history and today is on its way to yesterday. If we can only change our future why worry about the past? The future can change how we view the past and the past can teach us about the future. If you don't understand this take more time to think about it if you feel that you made too many mistakes and/or feel hopeless.
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I like what you wrote and agree with most of it.

The only thing I would add is under the anger section. Anger is there for a reason so it shouldn't be called a bad thing. It is basically telling us something isn't right with life. Nothing wrong with getting angry as long as one releases it in an appropriate manner, my fave is punching a bag, and doesn't hold on to if forever. The last part you mentioned. The key there is learning to forgive not only ourselves but also those who wrong us. That doesn't mean we have to like those who wrong us but anger as you say eats away at us and destroys us. I think you said all these things actually but just wanted to make sure it was clearer that anger is not all bad. After all anger can save our lives and tell us when enough is enough.

I think you are very wise because I can tell you first hand that effort is a big part of it. it worked for me and I've seen it work for many others. Drugs cover things up, effort changes things. I know this doesn't sit well with many but I've seen it work too many times.

Let me know the site address when it's ready. It would be a nice place to go when I've forgotten some of life's lessons. Great idea you have. :)



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Just being brutally honest, man? That wasn't exactly great. After reading the first few sentences I had no desire to read any further. Not to offend you but... why would anybody want to feel depressed? Perhaps for attention, but that's a whole different thing. And how exactly do you go about this practice of "dedication to becoming happier?" To me, that sounds like all it will do is frusterate people further. Reading further on, I felt stuff like this doesn't belong on a real motivational site- but maybe on a commercial for anti-depressants. I know it's not done yet but it does need some work.

Ask yourself, why do I let things in life bother me so much? Do your feelings control who you are and how you feel? If you answered yes than you need to change how you view events and emotions in life.
Umm... maybe because they can't help it? When your depressed you don't tend to focus on things like this, you tend to focus on all the bad feelings and all the pain. If your going to motivate someone, you have to work your way from the bottom(the bad feelings) to the top(happienies.) You can't just start out saying, "Become happy, here's how, and do it." Not only is that corny, but I don't think thats what your going for either.

Also... it really kind of "lit me up" when I read the bottom stuff about "changing yourself." That's just a really bad way of saying "becoming happier." When you say things like "you'll have to change" people get self-concious because change means that what they are now is not accepctable. So, change is not the word to use.

What do you mean when you say "anger is bad for you physically?" You didn't explain anything! Are you just "persuming" it's bad for you physically? You don't motivate people with infernces, you motivate them by being encouraging yet objective at the same time. Seriously, I'm not trying to offend you or insult you. That's just my opinion.
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