Chantix as a method for quitting smoking

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by scareddude, Sep 17, 2014.

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  1. scareddude

    scareddude Well-Known Member

    Has anyone here tried Chantix as a method to quit smoking?
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  2. Petal

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    I think you mean ''champix''. Well that is what it's called here anyway. Yes. I have tried it, I hope the doctor told you and you and you read the leaflet as there's a very important warning that comes with champix. The doctor told me it must be used in caution with depression and it can increase suicidal thoughts. But no it did not help me however I'm VERY addicted and smoke a lot.

    You are doing your best-and that's all you can do, I really hope you can beat these demons. Good luck to you. :)
  3. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    I haven't personally but know somebody who tried champix and had a very bad experience. He had undiagnosed bipolar at the time and it sent him into a psychotic depression and ended up being sectioned under the mental health act so do use with caution.
  4. FMyLife

    FMyLife Chat Buddy

    I haven't tried Chantix personally but I know a lot of people that have. Not only, according to the leaflet does it cause bouts of depression/suicidal thoughts, but it is also know to cause vivid dreams/nightmares. If you notice anything like that I would discuss with your doc asap.
  5. NYJmpMaster

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    My wife used Chantix and had no problems with it at all for the closest experience and at her work where her insurance company had a quit smoking thing going. There were about 35 people that participated and about 20 used chantix (it was what the insurance company recommended even though far more expensive than the gum and other methods but they paid for what ever method was chosen) - of the chantix users all but 2 or 3 quit and still are not smoking. Of the other people less than half quit for more than an occasional day even, and even fewer stayed quit.

    For my wife she had "funny dreams" for the first weak or two after getting up to the full dosage and nothing else. By the time she was on the 2 pills a day for a week she just basically stopped smoking - would forget cigarettes when going some where, light a cigarette and put it out after 2 puffs, - it just made her totally not care about smoking unless somebody around her was smoking and even then not a lot. From what I saw, and the experience in her stop smoking group it was hands down the easiest and best method to quit. So far as the side effects- one person I can remember said they stopped taking it out of quite a number of them - so on person had side effects bothersome enough to not use it- If you have nasty side effects - stop using it. She stopped taking the chantix a few days after her last cigarette and within a week had cravings again so then started the chantix again and took it for the full term (like 60 days after quitting).

    I will also say getting into the "stop smoking group" I think was a big help to her as well as the chantix- when it is the majority of your smoking friends at work all quitting together it is much easier. The results without that would nto have been so good I am sure.
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