chapter 5?

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    this must be chapter 5 of my unwritten story...i'm not one to bug i keep my stuff in a lot, i haven't been on msn in days, i'm losing touch with all my friends, i haven't been out to have fun in so long, i'm not even sure i remember how to have fun!!! :unsure: work is all that seems to be on my schedule lately. i'm going to florida soon for a vacation and i'm really super excited about that, i can't wait!!! it'll be good to see another part of the world, to get away. I haven't told anyone how i've been feeling and what not, cause i think it's a waste of my time, cause you all have your own worries and whatnot...well i guess this is going to be another chapter in my life that goes unwritten...
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    :hug: :hug:
    samy, talking about what's going on in your mind is not 'bugging'. I'd rather (and I'm sure everyone here is with me on that one), you 'bug' me as you call it, than that you bottle it all up and explode one day. :sad:
    Please do talk. We're here for you :hug: :hug:
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    I agree with Ish, keeping it in will only resault in more troubles down the road. I've learned from experiance that expressing urself on this forum is the best way to feel better. :hug:
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    We're all here to help each other. Don't feel bad when you need someone there for you :hug:
    Hope you have fun in Florida :smile:
  5. FoReVeR LoSt

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    there is more to that story than i put in there...i haven't been feeling myself as of late, feeling more and more left out of life, i keep asking myself if this is how i wanted to experience my 21st year of my life...and quite frankly the answer is no!! I rather be in a far away place backpacking and meeting new ppl, but i'm in an office and will be for a while...i just find that i'm still that loser i use to be in school, just out in the real world now :blink: It's obviously my choice, but my choice is making me go nuts and i wish i would've made a choice to...i don't even know

    maybe that rant is gonna help in the process of being able to live, but it's so hard...
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    Life is what U make it. Only U have the power to change it. If u don't like ur job, quit. If u don't like ur home life, change it. I think ur stuck in a rut, doing the same thing day after day, month after month and ur tired of it. U need a change. Suicide is NOT the answer. U can make things the way U want. U just have to make up ur mind, stop being scared of the unknown, and do it.

    Go back packing. Go see the world, Meet new people. Just do it :wootrock: