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    In that palace of synthetic angels and placeholder traits
    Sense of self is drained while
    Personal character is held in disdain
    Before all is said and done
    You’ll stand in that blinding rain
    Waiting for the storm to cease

    You’ll then dry up like a derelict sponge
    Begging for just a single drop of character
    What you hate and loathe
    Fear and despise
    Suddenly becomes a treasured prize

    Waking up in a dark, unfamiliar room
    With dream-swollen eyes
    You may look back and realize
    In terms of deeper emotions
    You’ve slept your life away

    You might feel like death’s shroud
    Gazing into the past
    Knowing your true character is flawed and pathetic
    It resembles a poorly-cut diamond
    For others, a cast away
    But in the absence of anything superior
    Is here to stay
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.