Charles Bukowski - the simple truth

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    you just don't know how to do it,
    you know that,
    and you can't do a lot of other
    useful things either.
    it's the fault of the
    way you were reaised,
    some of it,
    and you'll never learn now,
    it's too late.
    you can't do certain things.
    I could show you how to do them
    but you still wouldn't do them
    I learned how to do a lot of necassry things
    when I was a little girl
    and I can still do them now.
    I had good parents but
    your parents never gave you enough
    attention or love
    so you never learned how to do
    certain simple things.
    I know it's not your fault but
    I think you hsould be aware of how
    limted you are.

    here, let me do that!
    now watch me!
    see how easy it is!
    take your time!
    you have no patience!

    now look at you!
    you're mad, aren't you?
    I can tell
    you think I can't tell?

    I'm going downstairs now,
    my favorite tv program is coming

    and don't be mad because
    I tell you the simple truth about

    do you want anything from
    a snack?

    are you sure?
  2. hammockmonkey

    hammockmonkey Well-Known Member

    This is exactly how every woman in my life has ever talked to me.
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