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Charlie Sheen.

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I find it increasingly ridiculous the amount of people that are laughing at Charlie Sheen. From what I've heard, he's going through a rough time. He is currently addicted to several substances that are severely bad for his health, which is causing damage in his family life and has been fired from his job. He is almost certainly mentally ill although seems to be in denial.

Yet people seem to find this amusing. My (now ex) best friend said on Facebook, and I quote, "Because it's him having a mental breakdown in public that is funny. Him sleeping with every lass he can find, being stoned off his tits etc is #winning, but not funny."

What's the crack with this? Just because he's famous it's okay to laugh at the fact that he's having a mental breakdown?

What the hell is wrong with the world these days? Once he crashes out of this "high" state, shit is really gonna hit him when he realises how much he has lost.

Anyone who genuinely thinks Charlie Sheen is "awesome", wouldn't be laughing at him or involving themselves in these sort of jokes in any way. Ever since I heard about it I just haven't understood how it is funny. People keep going on about it so I read up about it and I can't even comprehend what's so hilarious about a drug addict whose life is quickly deteriorating.

It's not awesome.

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Reap what you sow? Sorry, but Im throwing this in the beginning. He's a tool of the media, anyone in the spotlight is. They'll use you, they'll abuse you. And when you try to use them, they'll come back twice as hard. And more than likely you'll make yourself out to be a fool. Especially when you are actually having personal issues.

Dont know really whats going on with him, Ive only seen a few headers, but it's just mind pollution for people to get distracted in. xx

Just my opinon :D More so curious. Why do people care? Is it about him? Do they care about how their society acts? Why do they care? Why why why


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I was going to suggest Antarctica. But even penguins are complete assholes (they push other penguins into the water to test for orcas). I guess you can't escape it on earth.


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I laugh at charly Sheen for the insane things he says (while sober, he did a drugs test on air or something like that) "Im a rockstar from mars with the blood of a tiger" Give me a break, you're on a mediocre sitcom that distracts people long enough from boner pill and beer commericals. If you were a rockstar you wouldnt have to brag about who you slept with and you wouldnt have to pay them.

Laughing at his problems is a whooooole other story... I havent caught anyone in my immediate circle of friends laugh at his addictions, that would be horrible and like you I wouldnt be friends with someone who did that.

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I don't think he's having a mental breakdown at all. Same troubles as many other people go through of course, the only difference is that he's a celebrity, and of course his troubles are aired all over the media for the public to see, so his problems become overly sensationalized. No evidence supports that he's addicted to any illegal substances right now, he just has a bomb personality.

But I think he's doing just fine, despite being (now) self-employed, he's still managing to bring in millions of dollars and maintain a fan base of millions of people with just his personality alone. Duh, WINNING.

Really, if that's not winning, I don't know what is. The man's got Adonis DNA ffs.
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Sure it's shitty but I have problems feeling all that bad for him.

In the end he can cry about it all the way to the bank while your average drunk will lie in a gutter covered in their own vomit, it's them I feel really sorry for.
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