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    My mission's a glance
    I fight for the chance
    So tactical in my stance
    Feeling the pain, I hear the rants.

    Lonely without a voice of reason
    The conflicts in my conscious treason
    In my mind im a ruthless soldier seasoned
    Fighting the pain, dredging to the next beacon.

    We are brothers in war, brothers in arms
    We fight for the weak and bury who is harmed
    We engage to control violence but manifest alarm
    We know the pain, but call it a charm.

    It is what keeps us going, how we know we are alive.
    There is nothing as real as the pain we can feel.
    We can feel both pain that can wear us down mentally,
    and we can feel pain from our frail bodies being beat
    and bruised.
    It is the charm of our life, once it wears off we are
    no more.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.