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    A number of members have reported issues with the new chat system. These range from not seeing all messages, missing out on messages, or not knowing how to keep all chat messages on one page. There is a grey bar at the bottom of every member's screen and this will allow you to access chat and PM members. It shows a black icon with a green symbol, the chat rooms and a green symbol which can be toggled on and off (See Image Below).

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    The easiest method to access chat is to select “Chat Rooms” on the grey bar, which can be seen in the above image with an arrow pointing towards it. This will bring up the chat rooms available to enter (currently Main Chat and Triggering Subjects) and you simply click on the room you wish to join. The number of members in each room is also shown on the right hand side as highlighted below (See Image Below). Once you are in your chosen room you should not change pages or browse the forum as messages can be lost in the process.

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    You are able to browse the forum and use chat at the same time if you wish, however to do this you will need to open the chat room as before and once there you will have the option to "Popout chat room" as shown in the image below (See Image Below).

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    From here you will be able to chat in a separate window to the forum. However, you may still receive messages if you have not selected to leave the chat room in the popped in version. If you refresh the forum page or attempt to browse the forum you may still be in the popped in version of chat and will need to manually leave for a second time. You can see how to do this below (See Image Below). Once this is done you will then be able to browse the forum, receive PM's, and talk in the popped out chat window without any issues. This will enable you to chat, browse the forum and send/receive PM’s.

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    Another option is to pop-out chat as outlined above and then disable or "hide" chat on the forum. This can be done by selecting the “Hide Chat” option on the bar at the bottom of your screen (See Image Below). This will allow you to chat using the popped-out version and browse the forum without any issues. However, you will not be able to receive or send PM’s if you decide to choose this option.

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    If you wish to disable chat and PM functions completely, hover over the green bar which will show the message "Hide Chat". Once you have clicked this the bar will shorten and show a grey colour instead of green (See Image Below). You will not be able to see any messages, respond to anyone, or enter the chat room. This can easily be undone by clicking the same button again.

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    Wow, Bob. This is very helpful. Thank so much for providing it.
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    Thanks, really helpful tips to keep it more stable :)
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    Thank you, dear Bob. I have only just found your notes. They are ever so helpful. I think I shall set myself a bookmark for it, so I can find it again - as and when needed. With love - Aquarius :)
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    You are most welcome Aquarius, I am glad they are helpful. It has been good seeing you in chat, hope to speak to you there again soon :D