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  1. frypan367

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    In the chat no one talks about depression at all and its avoided like the plague? Its pushed away all the time and people only want to talk about normal chat room things. Is there any place on this forum where I can talk about depression without being given advice and being told to go to therapy?
  2. total eclipse

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    There is the forums you can post on how you are feeling vent there if you want depression is so hard to deal with on your own that is why people think therapy would help.
  3. pickwithaustin

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    I spend a LOT of time on chat and I find it to be the complete opposite most the time. I don't recall seeing you in chat so it's possible that when you came on that you hit a time when people were trying to discuss something other than, but for the most part... depression related discussion is usually the bulk of what's going on in there by my experience (and I tend to be on there a good 10 hours a day). You might try coming in again.
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    Are you in the main chat room which is for basic everyday conversation as well as "talking" ? May want to try down in Triggering subjects which is reserved for more serious conversations...