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    Because we want the focus of our chat rooms to be as much on support as on socialising and friendship, we have decided to take away the 'triggering subjects' on a trial basis. The reason for this is that we do not believe that anyone should feel they need to leave the room and/or take their problems and issues somewhere else when they need support and help.

    There will continue to be two chat rooms:
    • Support and Social
    • Support and Social Overflow

    As always, we ask that members be mindful of their own safety and if there is a conversation happening in chat that makes you feel unsafe or triggered, please move to another room or leave chat for a little while. We request that this is done with the up-most consideration for the person/people currently seeking support so as to not make other members uncomfortable continuing to talk about their issue.

    All the usual chat room / forum rules will continue to apply, and we request, as always, that people are mindful to not give details of self harm, abuse, rape, etc while seeking support in order to keep everyone in chat safe.

    Thanks! :)