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    It seems like whenever I am there, somebody is pushing someone closer to suicide, not helping. They claim they are there to help but they aren't. One time an individual came into chat and was discussing how people are always rejecting him and nobody helps him. I was trying to talk to him about it and next thing you know we are told to take it to a PM. Now am I wrong, or does this seem to be the exact opposite of what he needed. I mean, he feels rejected so badly that he doesn't want to live, and then you go and reject him!!

    Today we were having another normal chat, and someone mentioned autism. I said it was a sad disorder, for both the children and families. Next thing you know I am being attacked?! I have dedicated my life to helping kids with this developmental disorder and these people are treating me like I am the fucking antichrist because I said it was the distance and lack of social communication of the disorder which makes it so sad for families. They were saying that autistic children are not like that- but that is a diagnostic criteria. I even specified I was talking about Autism and not an autistic spectrum disorder. The one individual in chat kept saying they worked with kids like that, and I had no right or experience to say that. I mentioned my credentials out of defense, and next thing you know I am being accused of being arrogant, what the hell? I felt like everyone was just there to harm you, piss you off, make you angry enough to do something. This was certainly not enough to puh me to suicide, but enough to make me come here and vent.

    Quite frankly they are nobody to me, I dont know these people. It was nice though to have a place to go to and vent and be able to do so with people who feel the same way. It was great being able to do so with out anyone knowing who you are. But I found that they really dont care, they want to upset people. I truely feel that some of them look for an argument, look for something to be angry about. I never said anything wrong, and yet I was being attacked no matter what I said. I really think that the chatroom of a suicide forum would be alot better than that.

    I mean I find it hilarious that moderators will step in if someone says the word sex, but if there are people purposely attacking someone else no one tries to stop it. Seriously? You would think people would try to prioritize.

    I know I am overreacting, but this is my future. I put myself through hell so I can get into graduate school, so I can help children with this disorder more. This has become my life, and now people are acting like I am some terrible person because I don't understand the disorder. I mean if I am not even good at the one thing that was keeping me alive, maybe I shouldnt even bother. This is my goal in life, to help these kids, and everything I have done all of my hard work goes towards it. Now people are telling me I know nothing, and I am arrogant, then fine FUCK THEM. You are certainly not enough to keep me from my dreams. I am not going to allow your lack of understanding keep me from reaching my goal. How dare you call me names, and ignore me, simply because I have a different view. At least look up the damn diagnostic criteria before you accuse me of being ignorant. Assholes.

    and if any of those who felt the need to cal me these names read this, here you go (read 1, A&B)
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    Members here do tend to support each other, but at times, it's not easy to support each other and hold your own problems up, to prevent them crushing you ..

    Were there any circumstances why you were asked to take it to PM?
    If not, then you should've been able to talk about it in the Chat Lobby :)

    Maybe the other person took it the wrong way? :hug: It happens, unfortunately.

    That person was obviously on the defensive for some reason or other.. I'm sorry you had to go through that when you've spent your life helping kids with autism - which is bloody good, and I am in awe of what you do :)

    There are arguments springing up everywhere it seems nowadays - and it's bringing the morale of the site's members and staff, down with it..

    I'm sorry this happened to you hun ... :hug:

    Maybe the other person was having a very bad day? You didn't deserver to be attacked like that, at all.

    Apologies on behalf of the staff, but we're human too, and have bad days..

    You're not a terrible person, and you clearly do understand the disorder: you've been working with kids with it for years

    Try not to let a few people put you off :hug:
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    I don't think so, I mean this person was stating how depressed he was because he felt so rejected. It was not a mod (i dont think), just an asshole who felt that this person shouldnt be in chat.

    Thanks, although I am only 19, so it hs not been my entire life (as in the past). Just my life now, everything I do. My internship, one of my jobs, my classes, its where I wanna go with my life.

    Seriously this is one of the only things I care about. I am so unempathetic, and I know I can be a bitch. But this, is different, this I actually feel. Thats how I knew it was my calling in life, and its nice to have that feeling. I mean, I care more about myself, because I care for this disorder and trying to find a cause and maybe one day a cure. I guess I felt like they were tyring to take the one thing I really hold on to away.

    Also though I'd share this since it is on topic,

    watch this video and 50 cents will be donated to research. It a nice video, and a good cause.
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    Good video, and kudos on your desire to help these children :)
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    All i can say to this is sometimes people's issues overwhelm them and they themselves can't help let alone help themselves. I personally try to help as much as i can, but sometimes it becomes too much. People haev to ask for help, it's not just know?

    I dont know just a thought
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    I do want to say that as much as I was hating everything about chat, it really isnt fair to say that bc I did have an individual PM me and say that they shouldnt be saying the things they did.

    Honestly, the whole no mod stepping in didn't bother me that much, I was just pointing out flaw in the system, like only certain people get called out for things. And quite frankly I think mking personal attacks might be more likely to trigger someone than saying the word sex or hearing another individual discuss how they feel alone and need people in their lives.

    I left the room because it bothered me, and it was obvious that either of those two were not backing down, but then when I defended myself (and I had every right to, as these were personal attacks when all I did was discuss the disorder) they would accuse me of not dropping it. I knew it was best fro me to just leave before I got too pissed off. It was stupid, the whole fucking thing was stupid. It was obvious that this person was not as informed about the disorder. I should have let both of their attacks go as they probably didn't have any other issues at the time and wanted to make me one. Hope they enjoyed themselves, and I hope that maybe they won't continue to do this to other people. There are people who rely on this forum, they come here for help and support and attacking them might be the worse thing to do. (Please don't think this was my case, as I am fine but it is just a thought)

    After my Dad's visit today I have a whole new thing on my mind, and I realize how stupid all of this was. This was so trivial in the grand scheme of things. It was lame of me to allow them to get me this upset.
  7. Alyssa, unfortunately, there are issues with chat which hopefully the SF staff are addressing, and I choose to believe they are, because the forum has improved alot lately. Anyways, keep trying to help others, and hopefully, they will not take offense to it as in this occurence. :hug:
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    There always will be problems because the people who come here are generally not well, or not well most of the time etc... It can create a hotbed of emotions that isnt easy to be fair about.
    Sometimes its hard to express feelings and they can easily come out as anger, especially if people are both passionate about something but share opposite opinions on it.
    The only solution I can see is if people see why other members can be like this and forgive and forget.
    I'm glad your helping these kids and I hope you keep at what your doing, and i'm glad the other members are helping as well. You both help them differently maybe but your still both helping and thats what really matters.