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    I wanted to make one thing clear before I leave here. Nothing was said by anyone to me in chat this morning that was remotely insulting. Nobody did anything wrong. The person that was thought to have said something - ABSOLUTELY DID NOT. So please do not think that they did.

    I would rather not be on the site than be oficially ignored by people in chat when it is not I who has done anything.

    I was a little upset because I was having a MSN conversation about some untruths that have been said. But that is beside the point.

    That is all I had left to say.

    Take Care :)
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    Thank You!

    okay; that sounds a little offensive maybe. what I meant with thank you was that i'm glad that at least we agree that nothing was said and it was ridiculous that people were told by staff to start ignoring each other.

    dear staff:
    dont abuse the ignore function, thank you.

    your greatest fan
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