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I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and the reumatologist said to lose weight it would help a little with the pain.....well first I am told to diet then I start recording my cal intake and ect....well I had an in take of six hundered and something cals then they tell me I am not getting enough cals lol -

- - today I had the intake of about 900 cals, I had a chocolate bar :blink: :unsure: ..... bad me! lol

what do you guys thinbk is a healthy cal intake?

xxx/love you guys,
A healthy calorie intake would depend on the person, their gender, age, weight and how much exercise they get. Most women would need roughly a bit under 2000 calories, if they didnt get loads of exercise... but it really depends on you. Sorry I know it aint really much help.. but there you go.

as TDM said it all depends on age, weight, gender, and also life style, the recommend average for a women is 2000, but that could depend on lifestyle, but the basic average in 2000


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if u wanna lose weight and u wanna do this with some haste then eat about 1500 cals. aday if u stay away from whites. go for some walks and such. walk at a pace that u can talk but it is affected by ur activity. a well 20 min min for this is when ur energy system changes from carbs to fatso th longer u go after the first 20 will help it happen faster. this should be done a min of 3 times a week. this is something i know well so if u have any questios feel free to ask me

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