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Checing In

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I haven't been here for a while.

I am OK.

Stress at work, but grateful that I am still working in this Brave New World. I have regular, full-time employment, and my employer makes sure we get regular C19 testing in addition to everything else. I can't complain there.

My wife is also considered essential, she works in a hospital, not direct patient care, but in the thick of things.

Short daylight, long nights, extra shifts, infection spikes, regular paychecks that are tied to regular potential exposure...

Life is...?Good?

"I've been left for dead before, but I still fight on
Don't wait up, leave the light on,
I'll be home soon"

Chris Smither (not me)

Love to all y"all, even though I've never met you..there is some (non-internet) connection between us all.

Until next time, sweet dreams.
I have a full spectrum therapy light. I confess I have not turned it on for a long time. That one is on me.

I do have a regular check in with my doc for head meds.

The ketamine has helped.

I just had a root canal that uncovered long term necrosis under the crown. (I'll tell ya, it stinks when they drill that s**t out). Freeing up my immune system from that has to help some. I was feeling a lot better for most of today, after that. Perhaps coincidence.

It is hard to work up motivation, but I do try to get outside more than once in a while.

And I have limited my intake of Newzak. (I can't claim the term, but I like it).
Fortunately, no.

Sensitive to temperature for a long time. My first real toothache in 50+ years, a couple of days over the weekend that ibuprofen and acetaminophen dealt with.

And, surprising, the procedure hasn't resulted in much pain, except for the lidocaine injections. Still a bit tender to try to chew on that side, but it doesn't hurt.

But, I suspect that the slow degradation did not help my overall feelgoods much over the years leading up to the crown (big, old filling, replaced, finally crowned a couple of months ago...the irony being that the crown that is replacing an old filling will now have a filling in it).
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