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So I've heard a lot of people talking about how music has gotten them through hard times. So what I'd like to do is start a thread about what everyone likes to listen to when they're down or angry. It can be one song or several, I want to hear anything you have to offer. The idea is to have a SF playlist for people to enjoy when they need that little extra pick me up.

So i'll go first:

Hold on hope - Guided by voices

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The entire album is quite something, post-rock bliss! :p

The song I linked is: Bitcrush (artist) – The 2 AM Edit (song) – In Distance (album)

This song does not have any lyrics (as opposed to some of the other songs on the album) and what this song in particular means to me is that it can always remind me of who I am. To this day I have an emotional connection to this song that was established during a time in my life where I was at absolute nothingness.

It was during the time where I was living on the edge of being “normal/healthy” and “psychotic” for which the latter destroyed my life, only for me to rebuild it again from point zero. I had to question myself who I was during that time.

Either way this song tells a story, in fact the whole album does. During anytime I feel like I'm headed towards a relapse or where I feel so damn confused about why I am suffering, then there's “The 2 AM Edit”. It's a reminder of all the things I have already experienced and that it's possible to overcome my present day struggles.

For actual cheer up music this is my go to song at the moment:


Depressed in SF

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Something to get us through Monday...

Even when it seems we're goin through some hard times..
What do we do?
Keep smiling..
Cause we know, we gonna make it through..



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Aqua is great. i have the albums Aquarium and Aquarius. Republica's "Ready To Go" is great. there's so many ... ah, Smile's "Butterfly" is one i've listened to recently. i used to have a bunch, some of which were morbid, but i don't remember many off the top of my head.
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