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"Cheer up!"

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I think this 'phrase' should be banned from the 'O Great Book of Phrases' because it gets on my nerves so much.

I hate it when people say "cheer up!" it's not a case of flipping a switch and bounce out of your depression and some people fail to realise this.

Does anyone else get fed up of this saying?

Reason I ask is I posted some of my poetry on a site and one of the comments I got was to tell me to cheer up... pfft.. I can't be bothered to reply to it. That's not the only time someone told me to cheer up, which is why it gets a bit tiring.
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lost soul


I know how that feels like, it is one of the worst things that makes me snap.

chin up it may never happen
smile it wont kill you
what have you got to be depressed for


I used to hate that too, when insensitive clods expect you to be happy when you're in the deepest pit of depression.


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well, sometimes, even though i agree with you resistance, "cheer up" can be used in a good way. like when someone says "aw, come on now Zebulot, cheer up. it wasnt your fault..." but when they just say "Cheer up!" it doesnt really work. i also hate it when people claim that everyone has these problems. wtf do i care! and no if they did they'd all be moping like me.:dry:

Always Alone

Yep, drives me crazy. We can't control the way we feel, and when people act like we should be able to, I get pissed off.

What else would you ban from the 'O Great Book of Phrases'


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I think they mean it when someones just lightly depressed. Just like how if someone thinks someone is sad, they can just talk to someone and bam, it's all gone.

I'm actually annoyed by this too, I hate it when everyone thinks sadness only goes 'so low'.
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