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  1. victor

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    we're gonna win.. forget about the draw we're gonna score.. n then we're gonna get a few more.. maybe another one just to be sure..

    heyyyyyyyyy, announcment: ive got an job interview on the 5th of jan, and if successful, gonna start woking on the 10th.. and i bet ill get it, ima charming mutherfucker when i wanna be, they cant refuse me, can they.. sooooo.... is it begining of the raise of vitas??? it soooo might be!! wish me good luck, i gotta sort out my life, gotta do that before bloody '14, have my reasons for that :lol!:
    n im not tellin u those reasons before the actual date :lol!:
    and chelseas gonna win the cup this year!!!!:)

    that was for chelsea

    and thats for me

    hes good lookin, uh? not as me, but stil not bad :D
    here i go.... INTO THE FIRE
  2. WildCherry

    WildCherry ADMIN

    Woohoo!!! :D Go you, congrats!! And good luck with the interview, I hope you get it! :hug:
  3. victor

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    thank u thank u thank u, ure far too kind, like always;)
  4. WildCherry

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    K now I have a stupid question. What's Chelsea, guessing a sports team. Football?
  5. me myself and i

    me myself and i Account Closed

    yes Alison, a really pants football team!
  6. victor

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    no, Alison, Chelsea is my ex gf... lol yep, footy, they're gonna win the premier league this year:)
  7. Cute_Angel_Xx

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    No there not there gonna fail!
    Good luck, but you wont need it you'll fly through it rainbow colours
  8. NoMoneyToPlease

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    If Ancelotti is allowed to choose the team,build it around Essien,then who can stop the blues?
    But if Abramovich keeps on picking the side then Chelsea will keep on playing like Spartak Moscow.

    Good luck anyway. :D
  9. victor

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    to be honest, as long as it aint arsenal, even if its spurs - ill be happy :D lol