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Chest pain, depression and headaches


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Besides a feeling of deep depression a lot of days feel chest pain as well as severe headaches which lead me to feeling very down and dark. I find that when my head and chest hurt I start to have ideation of doing something so not sure what is happening to me physically but just wanted to know if others have felt the same? Will this pass with psychotherapy, I don't feel comfortable with SSRI's or anything similar as I believe I'll have a strong reliance on using such medication.


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You could be holding all your emotions inside your body ,,chest pains could be anxiety. Because its in your chest ,get it checked with Dr. If nothing comes back then its the former ,headaches could be tension but get that checked with Dr also .

I've a personal experience with SSRIs, they numbed and blocked my feeling and emotions. I couldn't do the deep work because of this, They work for many but they didn't for me.ive had a terrible experience coming off them.each to there own if they choose meds.
If you want to learn about your past and who you are ,be prepared for what turns up ,,find a decent
Physcologist that you bond with and trust.
I self medicated most of my life unconsciously.
Being young and coming here for help is a tremendous step ,,kudos
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It's a good idea to talk to a doctor if you're having chest pains. Chest pains aren't always the sign of a serious condition, but they can be.

I was having chest pains for a while whenever I'd walk. They lasted for months. I finally had a EKG, which was clean. My doctor agreed that it would be ok for me to try acupuncture to treat this.

I got one acupuncture treatment, and the acupuncturist thought the problem was being caused by the "triple burner" meridian. I did some research online later, and a website recommended massaging the "triple burner 2" (aka, TB2) point to treat this.

Whenever I'd go for a walk and my chest would start to hurt, I'd just massage the TB2 points on both hands, and the pain would go away. I've had some occasional flare ups, but I've been mostly pain free.

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