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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by MaNg0s, May 21, 2008.

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  1. MaNg0s

    MaNg0s Well-Known Member

    Lately I have been getting these chest pains. My chest just feels really tight and sometimes I kind of get a pain on the left side of my chest. I don't know whether this is muscle pain or what. I had these before about a year ago and I went to the emergency room had an EKG they said my heart was a little fast but nothing was wrong and suggested it was just stress. Now I have been having them a lot recently especially at night before I go to bed. I have been going through a lot of stress lately with my exams and missing my ex. Thats when it started really when me and my ex broke up. Could someone suggest any relaxation techniques to me please because sometimes I feel like these chest pains are going to kill me. I would go to the emergency room but I am just gonna get told that its stress again and I don't really feel like waiting 4 hours in the waiting room just to be told that I am stressed out lol.
  2. wallflower

    wallflower Well-Known Member

    I get this too. I get agonized chest pains also a feeling like my heart is sort of squeezed or something. I don't know if this is cardiac arrhythmia because sometimes my heart beat seems off or skipping a beat. I have found people tell me the chest pains are heart burn due to not digesting food well. Or possibly it is not getting enough exercise. I can also seem to have emotional ties to the chest pains, which seems very uncommon. I have these chest pains that hurt emotionally- which is confusing, I am not sure what it would be? Would it be the physical chest pains causing the emotional problems, or the emotional stress and lack of emotion that's causing such intense chest pains. So it could be depression or stress.

    I have noticed that getting more exercise: swimming, eating less, massaging your chest area too and getting massages helps so much.
  3. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    I get this constantly. My heart beats out of rhthym, extremely fast at random times for no reason. I've had my heart checked out various times and it's anxiety is all I ever here. So it's all emotional.
    Depressed, lack of love, who knew it would physically hurt this much.

    Sometimes I at least make it bearable by telling myself, this isn't real, it's just anxiety.
  4. Epical Taylz

    Epical Taylz Well-Known Member

    i also get these, and im only fourteen
    my mom said its anxiety, and i dont know
    i get these when i get upset so im guessing
    that its linked to emotional ties or something.
    if that even makes sense?
  5. wallflower

    wallflower Well-Known Member

    and I've read anxiety can be quite related to emotional problems and least I think that's my issue. Whenever I am really highly stimulated or happy my anxiety drops. I've also noticed that when I took painkillers for getting my tonsils removed that it really lessoned my anxiety...and helped my concentration. But I can't seem to get it prescribed.
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