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Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by green1706, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. green1706

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    Children born for what? Violence and torture against children is a fact to which we are witnesses, even if we do not want. I have seen children beaten, made to beg, crippled or abandoned by parents. If you want to be a parent but you do not have security for the future of your child, then I think you should to think twice before you give life to an innocent beings. Child care should be a priority. What you think about this? What should be done to prevent negligence and carelessness of the kids?
  2. badGuinea

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    make people get a licence befor they can breed......
    And in my country we have things called laws that are to be used to prevent these things from happening,a deterrent if you will, it does not mean it works because frankly some people are sick in the mind. But im not really sure what your asking to be done.....should these child abusers be whipped and their skin peeled off with broken glass? Sure why not but laws here prevent that and punish the abusers as well.....but it dosent mean it stops it....its a humans nature to do as they want.....
    I dont happen to think anyone should propagate unless they can PAY for the child themselves without draining my tax money but I think thats somewhat of a seperate rant for me............
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