Children of the damned

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  1. freefalling

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    The innocent are always the first ones to suffer,
    Their torment and pain I will be unable to buffer,
    They see me as this ten foot strong knight,
    The king of kings and their guiding light.

    My Dean the bean and Cain the pain,
    Their loving little hearts I was blessed to gain,
    Their young precious lives have filled me with joy,
    Like on a christmas morning and getting that toy.

    Their unconditional love is a joy to behold,
    Even when they fight,argue or be bold,
    I just look in their eyes and all is forgotten,
    I just want to wrap them in sheets of cotton.

    I hope some day they can forgive me for their pains,
    Remember me at times when we shared fun and games,
    Not as I am now to my demons a slave,
    Spending my days dreaming of my welcoming grave.

    They deserve so much better than me as a dad,
    This laughing stock who is no better than yesterdays fleeting fad,
    But their smiling happy faces my heart will forever miss,
    Their sweet gentle cuddle and precious goodnight kiss.
  2. Petal

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    Sad poem, I like it. Thank you for sharing :heart:
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