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does anyone here actually like it? I dont mind it sometimes... but not when mum makes it as strong as this! I swear I'm suffocating, even with the door to my room shut and the window WIDE open making me cold, it somehow manages to sneak in under the door!! :laugh:

Yes... I'm bored... I think you can tell hahahahaha
:rofl: its really red coloured.. she used like a packet of the stuff and the scary thing is that she actually LIKES IT, and her and Grandma are both EATING the stuff!!!! :faint:


and it STILL stinks the house out... but not as bad lol
Hehehehe... now the house doesnt smell of chilli... but curry. :dry: but at least this curry is actually eatable lol... spicy foods are usually good. ^^

I liked the chilli my dad made with jalapenos and venison? is that it... deer meat anyways.. sick as that may or may not sound.. I love it in the dead cold of winter.. house smells of chilli... :unsure: good times....
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